ARTEMIS ALCALAY Volupté (Voluptuousness) 2006 - x +

CN: AlcA2006volu

MT: wool (200x200)

TX: signed be weaving at lower right of picture in English <Alcalay>

PC: Aslanoglou Contract Carpets, Athens - 2008

LC: ACG - Reception of Deree College Administration Wing

CM: The carpet entitled Volupté (Voluptuousness) of Artemis Alcalay originates in a series of handmade carpets that Aslanoglou Contract Carpets commissioned the artist to design. The carpets that were produced became known as the 'Alcalay Collection' and are intended to be mounted better on the wall rather than the floor so that they may be viewed face on.

The title Volupté refers to the feminine curved shapes and warm colors. The artist's intention in this artwork was to juxtapose the relationship of the sinuous forms with the squared frame. Alcalay created abstract patterns in warm earthy tones against a dark background. With Volupté Alcalay found a way to enliven the rectangular surface and activate the relations between the shapes - the space between them and their interaction. This artwork tries to recociliate tradional art with contemporary furthers the tradition of weaving with reference to such pioneers of modernism as Hans Arp, Juan Miro and Alcalay's teacher Yannis Moralis.

Alcalay created the design and supervised the color dyes and the the execution of hand tufted production. This artwork is original and unique in the sense that only one piece was produced in these dimensions and nuances. Moreover, the artist's signature was woven on the work itself underlining its stature as a piece of art. Volupté was presented in a personal exhibition of Alcalay at Athens Art Gallery in 2006, and adorned the reception of the administration wing of the College at the beginning of president David G. Horner's term in 2008.

[Megakles Rogakos 10/2008]