PHAEDON ANASTASIADIS The Boat of the Distant 1990 London - x +

CN: AnaP1990boat

MT: mixed media: ink and tempera on collage of newspaper on card (30x40 / F:49x58x2)

TX: signed with felt pen at lower right in Greek <P.A / 90>, inscribed with ballpoint pen at rear lower right <nr. work 472EB / "The Boat of the Distant"> stamped below <ORIGINAL WORK OF OUR SON / PHAEDON ANASTASIADIS / 1970 - 2001 / HIS PARENTS / PLATON ANASTASIADIS / ALIKI ANASTASIADIS>, signed below <Anastasiadis>

DN: Drs. Platon & Aliki Anastasiadis - 2009

CM: With The Boat of the Distant Phaedon Anastasiadis suggests something extraordinary. The 'Boat' of the title rather refers to a vehicle cruising the sky, while the 'Distant' seems to be concerned with familiar people who have passed away. In this case, Anastasiadis suggests a metaphysical journey from life to the other world. For a matter of such existential importance the artist mobilizes his talent in nonrepresentational art, where the boat or passengers are not possible to recognize. On a mixed media surface, including contemporary newspaper articles, the artist conjures a composition of verticals and horizontals as a crossword of spots and stains, which he converts into symbols – birds, faces, eyes, stars and planets. These symbols create a sense of Morse code, but the artist takes care to disable the possibility of decoding it. Likewise, it is obvious that the newspaper articles play an aesthetic rather than conceptual role, because the artist takes care to smudge the text. The letters certainly make an impression on the viewer and the composition requires them, but again, the artist uses the writing, while removing the ability to read them. Furthermore, the artist uses the inverted version of the Pentacle, highlighting the radial that points below, which usually symbolizes darkness. Based on the foregoing thinking, the artist uses the inverted pentacle, not as the misunderstood satanistic symbol, but as a primeval symbol whose interpretation is covered by a veil of mystery. Thus, with The Boat of the Distant, Anastasiadis proposes the mysterious dimensions of life after death - something like a 'Resurrection'.

[Megakles Rogakos 02/2009]