PHAEDON ANASTASIADIS Faces 2000 Athens - x +

CN: AnaP2000face

MT: tempera on paper, glazed within wooden frame (23x17 / F:38x32x1)

TX: inscribed with felt pen at rear lower right in Greek <nr. of work in catalog 100/2000>, stamped below <ORIGINAL WORK OF OUR SON / PHAEDON ANASTASIADIS / 1970 - 2001 / HIS PARENTS / PLATON ANASTASIADIS / ALIKI ANASTASIADIS>, signed below <Anastasiadis>

IL: Dora Iliopoulou-Rogan 2003, p.143; Megakles Rogakos 2008, #017

DN: Drs. Platon & Aliki Anastasiadis - 2006

CM: "As an artwork Phaedon's Faces are executed in a very modern style, in terms of brushstroke within the 20th century - this loose style has become a value that implies spontaneity and impulsion. For Phaedon such style seems to be inevitable and natural. On the other hand, the faces are strongly reminiscent of all archaic art, from Egypt to Mexico, even primitive African art. The terrible hollow eyes of Death are painted in between our existencies and our internal ambivalnences - with one face within the other, faces viewed frontally, against a terrible black and white. The gaze in this work, especially as Phaedon is no longer among us, acquires a particular psychological dimension. And though it is a work of small dimension, if you look at it you turn to stone. I froze watching it and I somehow shiver every time I look at it again. It is strange how this shock awakened me, and all day today my mind returns to Seferi's poem entitled Raven."

[Alkistis Michaelidou to Aliki Anastasiadi 20/03/2009]

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