LILA ANGELIDOU Dance of the Lark 1998 [R/D] - x +

CN: AngL1998lark

MT: mixed media: plaster, fabric, resin and oil on canvas on board (135x56x16)

DN: Mrs. Lila Angelidou - 2005

LC: ACG - John S. Bailey Library

CM: Lila Angelidou's Dance of the Lark is a mixed media artwork from the Woman through Poetry series. This series comprises of artworks inspired from ancient and contemporary Greek poetry, by poets such as Sappho, Euripides, Myrtiotissa, Vrettakos and others. The Dance of the Lark is inspired by the namesake poem of Nikiforos Vrettakos. Angelidou's work represents excerpts from the long poem's various parts, and some of its lines of it are directly transferred onto the canvas. The words "You jolt softly as if imagining you dance" inspired Angelidou to represent a girl hovering in the air with an upright movement. The words " always dance with a fringe of sun around your hair, and your two hands to extend like lilies offered to the Virgin in spring" inspired Angelidou to represent the girl's hair sprawl like sunrays, while her visible hand form the design of a lily. Her face is absent because it is superfluous. It is the atmosphere that is of concern here rather than the form. In his poem Vrettakos himself writes: "your silent presence taught me there is no silence". In general he refers to the qualities of an ideal relationship rather than the figure's physical appearance. In yet another line he writes: "tonight I wed you to eternity", an eternity that Angelidou perpetuates in her work.

[Megakles Rogakos 11/2005]