MELINA APOSTOLIDOU Untiled 2008 - x +

CN: ApoM2008unti

MT: acrylic and dry pigment on canvas (90x90)

TX: signed with oil stick at rear center in English <Melina>, below in Greek <MELINA APOSTOLIDOU>

CT: Astrolavos Art Galleries, Athens & Piraeus - 2009

LC: ACG - Communications Building, Academic Affairs

CM: Since 2008 Melina Apostolidou creates work inspired from weathered walls of buildings in the urban landscape. She is moved by the aesthetics of the city, the rush of buildings and the juxtapositions of various architectural period styles. She takes photographs of walls with damages from natural or artificial causes, which wear colors and create patterns. Her pallet however is not authentic, but influenced from the chromatic variations in comic strips. In the present work the colors are rather cold and distant. The light blue and mauve are such colors. The grey that resembles the sky is also a wall color. The black is an impression of shades from other buildings. Here the damages on the walls are intense and bring out further strange colors. The little windows on the walls are not real, but betray the stages of layers in the course of painting. The shapes that the buildings form and the patterns that are represented on the walls remind silhouettes in comics and end up appearing futuristic. In actual fact, Melina Apostolidou desires her art to be appreciated for its abstract qualities. Her works points out the fact that urban architecture is but a composition of colorful forms. In Apostolidou's works the urban environment disappears and the stuffy composition of the city produces calm and exudes optimism.

[Megakles Rogakos 14/05/2009]