KIMON AXAOPOULOS (Greece, Naxos Island b. 1958 / act: Piraeus)

Kimon Axaopoulos Kimon-Joachim Axaopoulos was born on 4 October 1958 on Naxos Island, Greece. He studied graphic arts at the Technological Educational Institute - TEI of Athens (1977-1983). Subsequently he worked as a photographer in various studios and for the National Press. Since 1989 Axaopoulos works as a photography teacher and manages the workshop Free Study of Photography of Pireaus. In 2000 the Pedagogical Institute of Athens published Axaopoulos' book entitled Photography II. He joined the "Ars Longa Vita Brevis" photographic group. Also in 2007 he founded the group "Photoerevnites", whose aim is to extend the photographic medium. His photos and articles have been published in various books and magazines.

Kimon Axaopoulos presented the following personal exhibitions: Retrospective, Naxos (1993); Chronotopoi of the Aegean, Polytropon, Nea Makri (1994); Manifest & Latent, Naxos Group Photography Hall, Naxos (2000); Sudden Passages, Hellenic Photographic Society - EFE, Athens (2006); Sudden Passages, Simonides Hall, Amorgos / Venetian Museum, Naxos (2007), and Retrospects of Moments and Places, Town Hall Exhibition Hall, Naxos (2010). He also participated in the following exhibitions: Small Works of Art Studio EST, Pinelia Art Hall, Athens (1994); Members of the Art Studio EST, Gallery EST, Athens (1994); Aid for Children with Special Needs, Parko Eleftherias Art Center, Athens (1994); Art Studio EST: Polyptych, Parko Eleftherias Art Center, Athens (1994); Photocreations, Polytropon, Nea Makri (1994); Members of Art Studio EST: Photoflows, Macedonian Artistic Society Art / Art Gallery EST, Athens (1995); Photovision: Five Young Greek Photographers, Bouzianis Gallery, Athens (1995); Light Photographic Group: Human Causes, Municipal Cultural Center, Nea Ionia / Drapetsona (1995); Photovacation, Burgas, Bulgaria (1995); Art Studio EST: Multiexhibition, Gallery EST, Athens (1995); Inclusive, Municipal Cultural Centre, Paleo Faliro (1996); Compicture of Small Works, Gallery EST, Athens (1996); Body - Sign - Passion, Parko Eleftherias Arts Center, Athens (1996); Concerning Nature, Pantazidis Art Centre, Athens (1997); Art Photography, Plovdiv, Bulgaria (1997); Members of the Art Studio EST: Schematic Reformations, Marika Kotopouli Museum, Zographou (1997); Photography - Painting, 8 West, Athens (1998); Land & People, Athinaiko Steki , Athens (1998); Light Photographic Group: Perceptions, Fygokentros Bar, Athens (1998), Co-Assumptions, Pantazidis Art Center, Athens (1999); Small Pictures, Multispace Hytirio, Athens (1999); The End of the Century, Pantazidis Art Center, Athens (1999); 10 years of EST, Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens, Athens (2000); Cheap Photo, Photography Centre of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki (2001, 2002); Digital Creativity Festival, Hellexpo Palace, Athens (2002); Hellenic Photographic Society - EFE: International Festival of Artistic Photography, Ionic Association Art Hall, Athens (2002); Photozone: Alternative Experience, Mad Club, Athens (2002); Travelling towards Tzia, Bourkariani Estate, Tzia (2002); Nocturnalgraphs, Municipal Theatre, Piraeus / Piraeus Port Authority, Piraeus / 1st Primary School, Naxos (2003); Because I very much loved their cities and people, Psycharis Gallery, Athens (2003); Look Out, Projections on Buildings of Athens, Athens (2003); Photography: The Spatiotemporal Echo, Palataki Hall, Haidari (2004); Photographing the 20th Century, Cultural Center, Ermoupoli, Syros (2005); Focusing on Greece, Benaki Museum, Athens (2004); The Art of B reastfeeding , Catholics Cultural Center, Naxos (2005); Travelling, Cultural Centre of Municipality of Athens, Athens (2005); Nocturnalgraphs, Psycharis Gallery, Athens (2005); bCreative, 417 Multispace, Athens (2006); 2 nd Exhibition of Visual Artists from Galatsi, Cultural Center, Galatsi (2006); Summer Studio, Eratini, Fokida (2006); Reading the City, Swedish Museum of Architecture, Stockholm (2006); Wo + Man, Chea part Gallery, Athens (2006); Citizens Work : Click on Voluntarism, Exhibition Area of Syntgama Metro Station, Athens (2006); Travel with Light, Orfeas Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus (2007); Present Art Festival, Club Luv, Athens (2007); bCreative Festival, Chroma-Chroma Bar, Athens (2007); Man - Color - Iron, Industrial Zone, Perama (2007); From Chaki towards Green , Photography Centre of Thessaloniki, Stavroupoli (2007); UNESCO Piraeus & Islands : World Environment Day , Municipal Art Gallery, Piraeus (2007); Video Art Festival, Alexis Minotis Summer Theatre, Egaleo (2007); Group: Deconstructing Life, Cocun, Rethymno, Crete (2007); Photoerevnites: Urban Con-Ceptions, Psycharis Gallery, Athens (2007); Partners of UNESCO, Action Art Gallery, Piraeus (2007); Handicrafts, Kambanaki Bar, Athens (2008); Cheap Photo, Photography Centre of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki (2008); UNESCO Piraeus & Islands : Visual Diary , Municipal Art Gallery, Piraeus (2008); bCreative, Multispace Thiseion Lofts, Athens (2008); Athenian Bazaaart: Art from All for All, Pantazidis Art Center, Athens (2008); Photoerevnites: Moving Elements, Garden Bar of Kalasnikof, Athens (2008); Free Study of Photography: Boundary Appearances, Café un Mondo, Piraeus (2008); Summer Art Academy of the Aegean: the Blue of the Aegean, Cultural Center of Athens, Athens / Municipal Gallery, Amfissa (2008); 90 th Anniversary of the Communist Party of Greece - KKE, Technopolis, Athens (2008); 15 Years Old: In memory of Alexis Gregoropoulos, Ash In Art, Athens (2009); Photoerevnites: Instant Fragments, Stavlos Multispace, Athens (2009); Spring Bazaaart: Gifts from Pandora, Pantazidis Art Center, Athens (2009); Free Study of Photography: Over a Poem by Giannis Aggelakas "I will not cry...", Multispace Booze Cooperativa, Athens (2009); What Is Art?, Orizontas Gegonoton, Athens / Archaeologists Club of Greece, Athens (2009); Modern Western Civilization, Ash In Art, Athens (2009); Clean Art, Orizontas Gegonoton, Athens (2009); Perama Closed: Solidarity to Workers of Perama Ship Repair Zone, Multispace Manos Loizos, Nikea (2009); Unexpected Whispers, Café de l' Art, Athens (2009); Prohibited, Café Spira, Exarchia (2010); Haiti ASAP : Financial support for earthquake victims in Haiti , Ash In Art, Athens (2010); Athens Voice: Views of Athens, Technopolis, Athens (2010); Yes to Bipolarity, Greek Bipolar Organisation, Athens (2010); Ash In Art: Go Across, Kornilaki Tannery, Syros / Kos / Zakynthos / Lesbos (2010).

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