IRENE BAIMAS-KIAMOS Orbit ca. 1980 - x +

CN: BaKi1980orbi

MT: oil and marbleized paper on masonite (62x31 / F:68x37x3)

TX: signed with felt pen at rear lower right in English <I. Baimas Kiamos>

DN: Mr. Theodore Kiamos - 2009

LC: ACG - Office of Dean of Arts & Sciences, DC515

CM: Having offered her service in a voluntary capacity to the Museum of Science in Boston, Irene Baimas-Kiamos was very much influenced by astronomy in the early 1980s. In fact, at that time she thought prevalently about connecting astronomy and science in some way to the arts. In effect Baimas-Kiamos created a series of artworks involving astronomy, the planets and outer space -such as Asthenosphere; Stone Meteorite; Solar Flares; Gas Planet Storm; and Nebula that were eventually exhibited at the Fitchburg Art Museum, and Extra Terrestrial that eventually featured in a group exhibition at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston in 1982.

The reason behind things is important to the artist especially when it comes to creating something abstract. Baimas-Kiamos has said: "To me an artwork is important inasmuch as I have reason to create it". From then on, people looking at the picture receive through their perception whatever they feel. The present composition was instinctively inspired to Baimas-Kiamos by scientific photographs of planets and nebulae. Herewith, the artist placed a spherical body off center and cut out patterns floating in orbit around it, like a suggestion of clouds. These patterns, which appear like pieces broken away from the main body, seem to be dancing to the rhythm of some cosmological music. This is why the main body always moves off center, while the patterns are in perpetual motion in orbit around it. Baimas-Kiamos' Orbit is the manifestation of the fact that creative inspiration is akin to the magic of dance and music.

[Megakles Rogakos 02/2009]