FABIAN BACHRACH (USA, Massachusetts, Boston b. 1917 / act: Boston)

Fabian Bachrach The oldest photography company in America, Bachrach is a unique emblem of formal style and quality in portraiture. The founder, David Bachrach (1845-1921), was a teenager, when in 1863 he photographed Lincoln giving the Gettysburg Address. His son Louis Fabian Bachrach, looked to the Old Master painters - Hals; Rembrandt; Reynolds; and Sargent - for aesthetic inspiration as he established a nationwide network of studios. His sons, Fabian and Bradford, helped to craft and refine the now-famous Bachrach style. Today, Robert Bachrach, a fourth generation of Bachrachs, continues the traditions and standards set by the founder, maintaining the brand's distinctive style and attention to detail.

Fabian L. Bachrach was born on 9 April 1917 in Boston Massachusetts. He graduted in European History from Harvard University in 1939. He learned photography through apprenticeship to his father, Louis Fabian Bachrach, who in turn took over the business from David, founder of the Bachrach Studio in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1868. Fabians legacy in Bachrach was the initiation to color photography.

Bachrach has had a long tradition of photographing some of the most influential leaders and interesting personalities in American history. For four generations, Bachrach have been entrusted to capture U.S. Presidents (inc. Abraham Lincoln; Andrew Johnson; Ulysses S. Grant; Grover Cleveland; William Howard Taft; Theodore Roosevelt; Thomas Woodrow Wilson; Warren G. Harding; Calvin Coolidge; Herbert C. Hoover; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Harry S. Truman; Dwight D. Eisenhower; Lyndon B. Johnson; Hubert Humphrey; John F. Kennedy; Richard Nixon; Gerald Ford; Jimmy Carter; Ronald W. Reagan; and George H.W. Bush), foreign dignitaries (inc. Pope John Paul II; Bishop Fulton J. Sheen; Duchess of Windsor; Alexander Kerensky; Indira Gandhi; Jawaharlal Nehru; King Ibn Saud Faisal; the Shah of Iran; King Hussein of Jordan; King Ibn Saud Faisal; and Haile Selassie), scientists (Alexander Graham Bell; Thomas Edison; Albert Einstein), writers (inc. John Cheever; James Dickey; Robert Frost; Shere Hite; Mark Twain; and T.S. Eliot), publishers (inc. William F. Buckley, Jr; William Randolph Hearst, Jr; and Alfred A. Knopf), artists (Charles Addams), photographers (inc. Richard Avedon; George Eastman; and Edwin Land), actors (inc. Billie Burke; Julia Child and Meryl Streep), musicians (inc. Milton Babbitt; Leonard Bernstein; John Cage; Van Cliburn; Duke Ellington; Dizzy Gillespie; Zubin Mehta; Riccardo Mutti; Gerry Mulligan; Seiji Ozawa; Jean-Pierre Rampal; Peter Schickele; and John Williams), and other luminaries (inc. Muhammad Ali; Martha Coakley; Amelia Earhart; Joe DiMaggio; Henry Ford; William Randolph Hearst; Marion Heard; Conrad N. Hilton; Oliver Wendell Holmes; Jeane Kirkpatrick; Sinclair Lewis; Charles A. Lindbergh; Donald B. MacMillan; Ralph Nader; Nelson Rockefeller; John D. Rockefeller, Jr; Donald Trump; William A. Vanderbilt; and Thomas Watson). More particularly, Fabian Bachrach has created the portraits of such personalities as John F. Kennedy; Richard Nixon; Indira Gandhi; Jawaharlal Nehru; King Ibn Saud Faisal; the Shah of Iran; and Muhammad Ali.

[Megakles Rogakos 12/2004]

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