ISMINI BONATSOU (Greece, Cefalonia b. 1964 / act: Athens)

Ismini Bonatsou Ismini Bonatsou was born on 17 April 1964 on Cefalonia Island, Greece. She studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1986-1991), painting under Panagiotis Tetsis and Demosthenis Kokkinidis, and sculpture under Thodoris Panourgias. In 1993 she won a scholarship from the Spanish Government to pursue post-graduate studies at the Barcelona School of Fine Arts. Since 1995, she has been cooperating on a permanent basis with the Sferra Cultural Foundation in Amsterdam. She has also collaborated with the radio-TV producer Teleac/NOT, Hilversum, in Holland. Since 1995, she has been working as a teacher in secondary education. She has worked in stage design, illustrated books for children and made CD covers. She is a founding member of the visual-musical group 'Ismar', which produces performances at various municipal cultural centers.

Ismini Bonatsou has presented the following personal exhibitions: The Child and the Moon, Gerolymatos Gallery, Athens (2002); Passage, Theorema Art Gallery, Brussels (2005); Hours, Metamorfosis Art Gallery, Thessaloniki (2006); Shadow Games, Spilioti Projects, Athens (2007); and Shadow Games, Art Base, Brussels (2007). She has also taken part in the following group exhibitions: ASFA Graduates Exhibtion, National Gallery, Athens (1991); A. Tassos Art Gallery, Athens (1991); At the Shadow of Rocks, Byron Municipality, Athens (1992); Painters from the Eptanissa, Lefkada (1993); ASFA Alumni, Municipal Gallery, Patras (1993); Two Greek Painters: Ismini Bonatsou & Thanassis Pappas, Pati-Llimona, Barcelona (1994); Tallers Oberts, Barcelona, 1994; Ismini Bonatsou & Despoina Makrydaki, Art Gallery, Lefkada (1995); Stichting Sferra, Amsterdam (1995-2006); C-2000, Peace and Friendship Stadium, Athens (1996); Blue, Municipal Theater, Argostoli (1998); Performances with 'Ismar', Municipal Cultural Centers, Athens & Kephallonia (1997-2001); Performances with 'Ismar', Cheap Art, Mylos, Thessaloniki (1998); 50 from the "Famous-Well-known Group of Artists", Salonica Film Festival (1999); Prêt-Art-Porter, DESTE Foundation, Athens (1999); Biennalle Design, Saint Etienne, France (2000); Group Exhibition, Çami, Thessaloniki (2001); Group Exhibition, Technopolis, Gazi, Athens (2001); Five Women, Municipal Gallery, Mykonos Island (2002); Artistic Hat, Titanium Art Gallery, Athens (2002); Girl Power 1, artAZ, Technopolis, Athens ( 2002); Girl Power North, artAZ, Art Forum Gallery, Vilka, Thessaloniki ( 2002); Painters from Salonica, Vila Bianca, Thessaloniki (2003); Girl Power 2, artAZ, Art Center of The Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Athens (2003); Girl Power 3, artAZ, Technopolis, Athens (2004); Bazaar, Terracotta Art Gallery, Thessaloniki (2004-2000); Blue Room, Attalos Hall, Athens (2004); Marathon around the World, Titanium Art Gallery, Athens (2005); Men 4 Girl Power, Bacaro, Athens (2005);The Art of Greeks, Botsaris Tower, Nafpaktos (2006); Gazi Athens, Freedom Park, Athens & Vilka, Thessaloniki (); Mylos Gallery, Thessaloniki (); Cheap Art, Cheap Art Gallery (1998-2005); Antonopoulou Art Gallery, Athens (); The Opening, Spilioti Projects Gallery, Athens (2005); Summer Lovers, Spilioti Projects Gallery, Athens (2005); Erotica 1, Spilioti Projects Gallery, Athens (2006); Souvenir from Greece, Spilioti Projects Gallery, Athens (2006); The Age of Innocence, Spilioti Projects Gallery, Athens (2007); Erotica 2, Spilioti Projects Gallery, Athens (2007); b'n'alle, Spilioti Projects Gallery, Athens (2007); White Xmas, Spilioti Projects Gallery, Athens (2007); Great Painters, Small Paintings, Metamorphosis Gallery, Thessaloniki (2007); Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul (2007); and Silent Dialogues: Multimedia Portraits Throughout Time, The American College of Greece, Athens (2008).

In addition Ismini Bonatsou has presented her art in musical productions by the following artists: Brave Old World; Cafe Aman America; Petroloukas Chalkias; Savina Giannatou; Agathonas Iakovidis; Opisthodromiki Compania; Nikos Papazoglou; Mode Plagal; Psarantonis; Smyrna Trio; Babis Tsertos; Iordanis Tsomidis; Nena Venetsanou; and Nikos Xydakis.

Ismini Bonatsou currently lives and works in Athens.

[Megakles Rogakos 04/2008]

MARKATOU, DORA Ismini Bonatsou 2005 Theorema Art Gallery, Bruxelles
MARKATOU, DORA Hours 2006 Metamorfosis Art Gallery, Thessaloniki
MARKATOU, DORA Shadow Games 2007 Art Base, Brussels