CHRISTOS CARAS Doves #1 1981 - x +

CN: CarC1981dov1

MT: poster: lithograph on paper (82x54)

TX: inscribed with pencil at front lower left <74/99>, front lower right in Greek <Karas>

DN: Mr. Christos Caras - 1981

CM: The earliest known bird by Caras is a painting entitled Bird and Cage of 1970. Significantly, while containing a static bird, this cage hovers in the air with prosthetic wings. In 1971 Caras made a bronze sculpture of a dove. His series of Doves is characterized by a lyrical mood, powerful design and great colourism. Caras has said: "An art which will inevitably exist one day will reach its goal: the world" [Christos Caras: Drawings 1995 p.60] Caras wrote: "The main concern is to probe the dramatic element which will forever bear within it that unique being of our world, the human person, the only being who can recognize his fate beforehand. In this sense, the viewer must penetrate into the fundamental intentions, which the present work adopts. Because the protagonists of this work, the figures [...] are trying to express with self-restraint, strictness and silence the archetypal problems of human existence: the problems of life, love, and death." (Ibid p.120) Efi Feredinou expressed Caras' art as magical realism (p.9) and hyperrealistic drawing (p.12). In a statement written in Greek and dated 1972 Caras wrote: "...I do not want to talk about my aesthetic [...] all I want is to break the barrier that rises between beholder and my art". Dr. Iliopoulou-Rogan entitled her monograph on Caras The Development and Maturation of a Figurative Polyphonism. There she investigates the multi-facted past, polyperspective approach, the wealth of nuances in the art of Caras.

[Megakles Rogakos 12/2004]

ANTHOLOGY (Eurydice Trichon-Mislani / Yiannis Kolokotronis / Giorgos Mourelos / Jérome Camilly) Christos Caras: Drawings 1995 Adam Editions, Athens