ELENA CHIRDARIS (Colombia, Medellín b. 1972 / act: Athens)

Elena Chirdaris Elena Chirdaris was born in 1972 in Medellin, Colombia. In 1994 she graduated in Fine Arts at La Verne University in Athens and continued her studies at Sotheby's Institute of London receiving her diploma in 1995. She has participated in exhibitions in Greece, Spain, Denmark, Miami, New York City, Belgium, and Colombia. Works by Chirdari can be found at the following public collections: The American College of Greece, Athens; and the Corfiot Gallery, Island of Corfu, Greece. A work by her is included in 20 Contemporary International Artists, published in Spain.

Elena Chirdaris accumulates her ideas from all over the world. She is a proud Greek - Colombian that enjoys and values both cultures tremendously. Having lived in several countries like Colombia and US and different parts of Europe like London and Athens; she is always trying to make cultural connections through her art. She paints mostly with oils, overlapping canvases on top of each other and using such dynamic colors as red, blue, white and yellow. Her colors symbolize such subject matter as earth, water, sun and moon.

Below follow some critics on Chirdaris: "The young emerging artist Elena Chirdaris has demonstrated, in her short artistic career, her possibilities as an excellent painter always in search of her own identity. She achieves her commitment through an authentic professional dedication..." [Raul Oyuela, Director of Museum of the Americas, Miami]. "Artist Elena Chirdaris creates vividly metaphoric paintings. The haunting expressionistic quality of her paintings is reminiscent of Edvard Munch, with its swirling paint and dark, unexpected perspective. Her detailed textures and use of contrasting colors create dramatic, painterly compositions that dazzle with their multiplicity of meanings and interpretations. Holding a degree from the Sotheby's Institute in London, Chirdaris' knowledge of art history is evidenced in her work. She references artists of the past in a manner that is both tasteful and subtle. Chirdaris'work reveals her skill with the brush as much as it does her agile imagination. Her attention to the craft of painting is laudable, but equally so is the basic conceit of her work, which is fresh and inspiring." [Agora Gallery, Chelsea , New York ]."Swirling energetic spirals of color are a hallmark of this artist, and creates a similar reaction in the viewer! Bold and enlightening, these forms latch onto the experience of being seen. It is as if one becomes very small, and is able to place oneself in the painting. One would find many corners to hide in, yet exhuberantly follow the forms. This is most likely a reflection of the artist's endevour, whether or not intentional. One feels like a fish amoung the reeds and coral!" [Caladan Gallery, Beverly, MA].

Chirdaris presented the following personal exhibitions: Retrospective of the Past, Corfu Palace Hotel, Greece (1997); De Regreso, Salon de Arte gallery, Medellin, Colombia (1998); Verve of Mystery, Magna Gallery, Greece (2001). She has also taken part in the following group exhibitions: Hellenic American Union, Athens, Greece (1993); Melina Mercury Cultural Center, Athens, Greece (1996); Cultural Center, Eleftherias Park, Athens, Greece (1999); Feria Internacional de Arte, Medellin, Colombia (2000); New Colombian Painting, Athens Cultural Center, Athens, Greece (2002); Moraitis Gallery, Athens, Greece (2002); Artion Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece (2002); Elena Chridari & Giorgos Stathopoulos, Municipal Theater, Corfu, Greece (2003); Museum of the Americas, Miami, Florida, USA (2005); Fairy Fair: Hans Christian Andersen, Copenhagen, Vordinborg, Esbjerg & Ribe Amt, Alborg & Herming, Denmark (2005); Crisolart Galleries , Barcelona, Spain (2005); Corfu Gallery, Corfu, Greece (2005); Lineart with JMA Gallery, Gent, Belgium (2005); Enlightenment, Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA (2006); and Ekali Cultural Center, Athens, Greece (2006).

Elena Chirdaris currently lives and works in Athens, Greece.

[Megakles Rogakos 08/2007]