JEAN-BAPTISTE DANIEL-DUPUIS Beginning of the Twentieth Century: Mint of Paris 1899 Paris [R/P/V] - x +

CN: DaDu1899mint

MT: bronze (Ø:5)

TX: incised at upper center of verso <1900>, signed by incision at lower right in French <DANIEL-DUPUIS>, raised at upper periphery of verso in French <MONNAIE DE PARIS>, signed by incision at lower left <DANIEL-DUPUIS>, embossed at right of edge <[hallmark] BRONZE>

IL: Nicolas Maier 2010, p.34

DN: Mr. Megakles Rogakos - 2008

CM: The Mint of Paris medal was created by Jean-Baptiste Daniel-Dupuis in 1899 to welcome the new Century, in anticipation of the Exposition Universelle de Paris (Universal Exhibition of Paris) that was scheduled for 1900. Ironically, on the 14th November 1899 Daniel-Dupuis met with tragic death, assassinated by his depressed wife, who committed suicide afterwards, before ever seeing any of the new century. The Universal Exhibition of Paris lasted from 14 April until 10 November 1900. Daniel-Dupuis' Mint of Paris was included in the fair along artworks by more than 76,000 exhibitors, covering 1.12 square kilometres of Paris, and was attended by more than 50 million people.

On the obverse of the present medal a muse supports with the help of a child a book symbolizing the twentieth century, and inscribes on its cover the year ‘1900’. On the reverse is a scene eblematic of the Mint of Paris, as inscribed on the medal’s periphery. Perhaps this medal was designed to show the level of mastery reached herewith in the art of numismatics in Paris in 1900. A nude child representing 'l'Enfance' brandishes a torch in his right hand and a medal in his left.

[Megakles Rogakos 12/2008]

MAIER, NICOLAS French Medallic Art 1870-1940 2010 Munich [English/German/French]