SOFIA DEDE Neolithic Sketch Reproduction 2005 [R/V] - x +

CN: DedS2005neol

MT: painted, glazed and fired clay (Ø:30x2)

TX: signed with brush at rear center in Greek<SD / IIOIOII>, at upper left <neolithic / free / reproduction>

DN: Mrs. Sofia Dede - 2006

LC: ACG - Attica Tradition Educational Foundation, Athens

CM: A great part of Sofia Dede's ceramic art has been influenced by the Neolithic period (6000-3000 B.C.), which demonstrates an amazing variety of imagery. Dede is motivated to create ceramics that man would have put his hands on thousands of years ago. Having faith that art unifies time and unites people, Dede is interested in the continuation of life through manmade artworks.

The Neolithic Sketch Reproduction belongs to a Dede's series of ceramics, whose iconography and craftsmanship has close aesthetic ties with some of the renowned decorated ceramics of the Neolithic period. The present work is a richly decorate plate, whose shape is rhomboid with rounded off corners. In the painting composition Dede does not represent something in particular, but she ensures that the patterns relate with one another. The spires are a basic motif, which alludes to the eternal recurrence and perpetuity in life. The plethora of curves and straight lines in the composition could mean anything that primordial man may have had in mind - the river; the path; the moon and so on. It is worth noting that such archetypal motifs of antiquity are borrowed also by modern art. The colors are earthly in the main, of the kind that primordial people employed. The signature at the rear side of the plate is based on patterns that were used in the art of the Neolithic period. The artist used these patterns to give the work its identity - her monograph 'DS' and the year '2005' (two circles denote the thousands and five lines the units).

[Megakles 12/2006]