ELENI DELI Leaves 2002 - x +

CN: DelE2002leav

MT: China ink on paper, encased in plexiglass (30x42 / F:41x50x4)

TX: inscribed at rear upper center in Greek <Title of work: "Leaves" China ink / dim. 30 x 42 cm>, signed with fountain pen at lower right <E. Deli>

CT: Titanium Art Gallery, Athens - 2009

LC: ACG Art Storage

CM: The Leaves is an pilot project of Eleni Deli from the period 2002-2005. It carries the feeling of an aesthetic start and artistic beginning. Despite being interested in abstraction, the present leaves are inspired from the natural environment. This is an image from nature that changes and acquires a new 'personality' as it is being ransferred from memory to the studio. Deli creates interior landscapes from her senses and memory. She is interested in the movement, the space and the time that are not visible. She hopes with her work to capture the journey from day to night, from cold to warm, from solid to fluid, from positive to negative. An image that can hide other images. Works that are heavy and at the same time light, a game that tries every time to problematize the former state of balance. Works that are fait accompli. This work has a particular perspective, movement and shape that are repeated. It has the dynamic swirl of the spiral, that is life. Deli is interested in some way to keep the composition as an ephemeral situation that leaves questions open. Having an interest in an experiential relation to her subject, she abstracts, adds and even gives human qualities to the way she perceives it. The Leaves is a tender work with the lightness of the material and the way they behave in relation to the air. The mo tion makes them transparent. The crude white background endows them with light and then gives them mobility that was her intention to convey. The background serves as shape in relation to the leaves, and as counterweight in relation to the blue. If the viewer focuses on something, the rest is dissolved and the space around it is lost in a magical way, without knowing where it ends. Deli does not process colors with symbolism but rather clear expression, depending on her subject. She is interested to place bright objects against a dark background, to make the object self-luminous. She aims to dematerialize the front plane and solidify the latter. Often, the picture carries a sense of the provisional that is present in life - something that crosses before us and stays in our memory.

[Megakles Rogakos 05/2009]