THALASSINI DOUMA Lean On: Fatally Together 2008 - x +

CN: DouT2008lean

MT: digital print on paper glazed within lacquered frame (100x63 / F:105x68x2)

DN: Ms. Thalassini Douma - 2009

LC: ACG - Deree Gym

CM: Thalassini Douma's photograph entitled Fatally Together is from the Lean On series . Living in Amsterdam in 2006, Douma felt the need to free her senses and relaxed ly experience the city's atmosphere. Then she was inspired the idea to photograph portraits of bicycles. As a vehicle moved by man the bicycle in an extension of the human body. With her pictures Douma transubstantiated bicycles from inanimate to animate bodies. As such, they reflect association, nostalgia and death. In some instances they embrace like a family, in others they united as a couple, in others they emit nostalgia for empirical moments, sometimes they are restructured by the way they touch each other, in other cases they seem to sink and seek redemption from death, in others they seem to reach out for the support of a hand, in others they look like ballerinas that are ready to perform an exercise together, in others they appear like obstacles putting us into thought, in others they are like memories from the past that persists. The pictures reveal human traces - in a lantern that is affected by time, in the wheel that turns like life, in a sp ring with an odd spiraling, in a variety of pieces that act as one, in the central axis of the system that transforms energy into action. Th e pre sent picture features two bicycle saddles. It's like two bodies touching romantically and fitting into one another. It refer s to the extension of touch with erotic implications. Douma said that another title could be Bodies. Their skin texture makes them appear like human backs. At first glance they seem to be identical, but looking more closely they appear to differ. The first body has a cavity with a female quality, while the second owes its masculinity to its muscular bloating. There also appears to be yet a third body as a shadow that looks after the other as if it were fate in person. The cavities of every body and their relationship express memories and emotions. It is a eerie work with unspecified content.

[Megakles Rogakos 07/2009]