ELENI ECONOMOU Untitled 2007-2008 [T/A/C] - x +

CN: EcoE2007unti

MT: plaster (10x50x50 / P:100x100x100)

DN: Ms. Eleni Economou - 2009

LC: ACG - Office of Vice President for European & Regional Engagement

CM: The present Untitled work references the thesis that Eleni Economou presented at the Athens School of Fine Arts in 2007. Her idea for this thesis was initiated by the observation of the Tombs of the Kings in Paphos, Cyprus, which were cut in the earth. Depending on the way the light falls on them creates various levels and reveal volumes and voids. Such impression led Economou to explore the concepts of full and empty, and by extension presence and absence.

The work starts from a unit, a cube measuring 1x1 cm. Economou develops the unit in the composition by the process of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In this way she creates an element with hidden geometry of units made of various connected cubes, which she multiplies six times to create a square horizontal surface. The unit of the cube as it systematicaaly repeated extends this work conceptually to infinity. While the material of the plaster is simple and calm, finally it expresses the freezing of time. The appearance of the sculpture creates three hues of white. The brightest white that plaster emits seems to be sourced from the inside, as self-luminous material. The viewer feels that the work is at hold. While the work appears structured, at the same time it gives the feeling that at any moment it may crack.

Economou wrote: "My entire work is based on the concept of the cube. The appearance functions as a key sculptural value. I am interested through the sculpture's strong impression of order, geometry, harmony and sculptural composition of the archetypal element in space and through the density of repetitive elements of its constructive elements, to present the charge of touch and the handiwork that render it nearly ritualistic. I want my work to approach values such as the aesthetic rigor of composition, purity of lines and shapes, order, measure, strong impression, but - above all - the hidden geometry."

Economou's Untitled work was cast as material in 2007 and acquired its present form in 2008. It is a typical example of minimalism and abstraction. Furthering the work of famous minimalists, such as Sol LeWitt and Donald Judd, who engaged with the cube that is hollow, Economou engaged with the cube that is solid. As k nown, minimalists owe their inspiration in eclectic elements from antiquity to our time. Despite this work's self-reference, Economou is interest in the aesthetic qualities of the density and the spreading of geometric shapes found in Cycladic homes and contemporary apartments in Athens. Economou created this Untitled work for its presentation in 2008 at Post Scriptum Company in Athens and then in the 13th Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean in 2008.

[Megakles Rogakos 07/2009]