YORGOS EFSTATHOULIDES Untitled #2 2009 = - x +

CN: EfsY2009unti

MT: mixed media: acrylic on wood and neon (90x230x30)

DN: Mr. Yorgos Efstathoulides - 2009

LC: ACG Art Storage

CM: Yorgos Efstathoulides is interested in the relationship between man and the four fundamental elements of nature - earth, water, air and fire. He is concered with the environment and the way man lives within it, and he creates works where the human presence is always implied in a different and indirect way. Efstathoulides believes that man is comprised of these elements with reference to his emotional situations.

Efstathoulides' Untitled #2 was designed to complement the previous work of the series. Untitled #1 referred to the burnt forest and was created for the exhibition "Art + Nature", which was presented in 2008 at Villa Kazouli in Kifissia. Therefore, in the first instance a straight and upright red neon lamp, symbolizing fire, crosses a rectangular surface of burnt wood in vertical arrangement and splits the work centrally in two halves. In the second instance the work is reversed as much chromatically as morphologically. Here, the wood is polished and painted white. The form of wood creates polyhedral surfaces reminiscent of ice crystals, while the white color purifies it. The neon in winding form, which creates the feeling of flux, crosses a rectangular surface of sharp wood in horizontal arrangement.

[Megakles Rogakos 09/2009]

BOLIS, YANNIS Art + Nature: Environment - Action 2008 Villa Kazouli, Athens