AZIZ EL HADRI Untitled: Noumenon 2004 - x +

CN: ElHa2004unti

MT: oil on cardboard (51x36 / F:66x51x2)

TX: signed with brush at lower right of picture <AZIZ ELHADRI / 04>

DN: Mr. Robert A. Christoforides - 2008

LC: ACG - Office of Career Services

CM: This Untitled painting by Aziz El Hadri is not typical of his main body of work, which is more closely linked to the Islamic illuminated manuscript tradition for its exactitude and detailed representation. Here, however, El Hadri works in the modern abstract tradition.

This painting is reminiscent of the fact that art is about something 'beyond' and therefore cannot be fully explained by words. In any case, this composition could be said to represent the moment before the 'Big Bang'; perhaps giving us a glimpse of that nanosecond moment; when all uncreated matter gave out its desire to come into being. So, without any specific feeling for religion or ethnicity, this painting could be said to represent some noumenal perception - a deep and unsolvable mystery. This 'Noumenon' is of Platonic concept - such as upon which he deliberated within his triennial Academy lectures on the Nature of the Absolute. Likewise, El Hadri here presents us with an intangible and very complex painting. Obviously, the artist has no problem whatsoever using colors; he does so without sparing himself in time and space. El Hadri's picture evokes a hallucinatory experience.

A dominant feature of the composition is the unbroken circle which, here, could be emblematic of the all-seeing Third Eye. It is also about freedom - as all finally depends on the viewer, how the viewer's perceptions may receive and interpret this painting's fleeting and protean imagery...

[Megakles Rogakos 06/2008]