ETIOS Genes 1978 - x +

CN: Etio1978gene

MT: ink on cotton paper (50x38 / F:78x65)

TX: signed with marker at lower right of picture in English <Etios 78>, stamped with seal above>

CT: Eos Gallery, Athens 2008

CM: Etios' Genes is from a series of works on the theme of ecosystems, biotechnology, nuclear power and the problem of pollution. In the '70s Etios used a studio in London. At that time scientific experiments with an impact on nature went out public in the media and began to cause intense global protest. And while scientists were faced with an ethical issue about the limits of their experiments, Etios took advantage of the artists' right to freely experiment in art and to create fiction of imagination inspired by contemporary reality. Ultimately the Etios was interested in art that presents a virtual reality of life.

The present artwork depicts an image of the microcosm. It concerns genes of biotechnology as parts or whole bodies. The black shapes are a little wild and creepy, but this primitive state is discharged with the sparkling pink tones that sexify the subject. It should be noted that since he started painting, Etios uses whatever means other than the paintbrush - such as the brush's handle, spatulas, sponges, the fingers of his hand and found materials. The element of experimentation is rather strong in Genes. To spread the pink color he used a shoe, of Dr. Martens brand, which was in fashion among anarchists. The traces of the outersole are scattered all over the picture. Moreover Etios used the sponge to achieve intermediate pink tonnes. Part of the genes' curved body, which resembles an open circle, was executed using a scissors as compass. The U-shape is used frequently by Etios for its use in mechanics to collect centrifugal energy at its limbs.

[Megakles Rogakos 12/2008]