COSTAS EVANGELATOS Photo-Transformations 1983 New York City - x +

CN: EvaC1983tran

MT: silver prints on paper 12x(10x15 / F:62x95)

TX: signed with pencil on border of print at lower right of composition in Englsih <Costas Evangelatos NYC>

DN: Mr. Costas Evangelatos - 2002

CM: Costas Evangelatos' Photo-Transformations are graphic renderings of a single photographic pose. The luminosity of every rendering depends on the use of different filters used during the printing process, and the aesthetic expression of each rests with the different graphic elaborations. The basic photograph is a self-portrait of the artist made in Athens in 1983, after the completion of his military service and before his travel to New York. The graphic renderings are caused by overlaying lines or symbols or by scraping off the photographic surface. The renderings focus on the eyes and face, but they also extend to the secondary components of the composition, such as the background and the scarf (which was the artist's trademark at that time). Photo-Transformations are arranged from left to right in the sequence they were created. Each one of the resulting twelve photographs is unique with an authentic rendering separately for every one.

It is worth noting that Photo-Transformations are at the root of the artist's experimentation with drawing and photography. In this case the outcome eloquently reproduces the dynamism of the artist's inner world at that period. Photo-Transformations are characterized by a primitive and enigmatic quality, evocative of surrealism. The aim of the artist was to represent his subconscious world as this is manifest through various modes of expression.

Photo-Transformations were presented at Evangelatos' first personal exhibition entitled Anatomical Variations and Elaborations, which was presented at Writers & Books, Inc. of Rochester, upstate New York in 1984.

[Megakles Rogakos 06/2006]