COSTAS EVANGELATOS Bodygraphic 1988 - x +

CN: EvaC1988body

MT: litograph on paper (20x20)

ED: artist's proof

TX: signed with felt pen at lower right of picture in English <Costas Evangelatos>, inscribed with pencil at lower left of picture in Greek <e/a>, at right <C. Evangelatos>

PR: Mr. Kimon Friar - 1993

CM: Costas Evangelatos' Bodygraphic presents an inverted male body in a constructivist style filled with symbols. Although the contour of the body is realistic, its interior is a field for change and transformation. In a surrealist gesture, where the body terminates at the toe, emerges a male organ. Evangelatos' concept is founded on a fantasy of sex as a fertilizing force. This force climaxes in the penis through the directional inclination of the arrows all over the body. The work is circumscribed within a circle, which is in itself a compositional challenge. All Bodygraphic lithographs were inspired to Evangelatos on his visit to the Cathedral of Orvietto in Italy, where he studied the fresco by Luca Signorelli. Originally, Bodygraphic was issued as a portfolio with nine prints by Gallery Dada of Athens in 1989 in 99 copies. Later, Bodygraphic was reissued by Boa Editions of New York in 1990. This lithograph is one of nine from the portfolio that served as artist's proof for all subsequent editions. The portfolio belonged to Kimon Friar, and this is the only lithograph surviving its mysterious disappearance.

[Megakles Rogakos 01/2005]