COSTAS EVANGELATOS Conceptual Sphere 2005 - x +

CN: EvaC2005sphe

MT: mixed media: oil on acrylic on gesso on polysterene (Ø:60)

TX: inscribed with tube on surface of sphere in Greek <Costas>

PC: Art Studio EST, Athens - 2006

CM: Ever since Costas Evangelatos produced the series entitled Conceptualizations, which was presented at Fordham Univesrity of New York in 1985, his art has been concerned with the inscription of names and symbols and the geometrical patterns formed by such scripture. Subsequently, Evangelatos' scripture evolved to be applied onto objects of various materials; such as plastic, wood, stone and metal. The Conceptual Sphere is the capitulation of the possibility of inscriptions onto an object that defines space. The surface of this spherical object is inscribed with names of people and symbols. The names are of persons with whom the artist related, and were recalled by him during the work's creative moment. On either pole of the sphere is represented a vortex of arrows, which alludes to a global swirl, while conceptually multiplying the inscribed names. The Conceptual Sphere is executed in red tones, dark for the incriptions on the lower part of the sphere and bright red for the rest. Red is par execellence a color evoking intense dynamism and passion, as well as optimism. Therefore, Conceptal Sphere converts aesthetically into a nucleus of positive cerebral energy.

The Conceptual Sphere was presented for the first time at the exhibition Costas Evangelatos: Multiform Art at Aigokeros Gallery between 16 and 28 May 2006, and two of its aspects were used to illustrate the invitation.

[Megakles Rogakos 05/2005]