COSTAS EVANGELATOS Kotobuki (Best Wishes): Tribute to Lafcadio Hearn 2009 [R/F] - x +

CN: EvaC2009koto

MT: mixed media: ink on paper mounted on silk (60x50)

TX: inscribed with felt pen at rear right side in English <«HOMAGE TO LAFCADIO HEARN 2009» Costas Evangelatos>

CT: Art Studio EST, Athens - 2009

CM: Originating in an Ionian island, Costas Evangelatos is affected by the fact that the famous Lefkadiot author Lafcadio Hearn chose to commemorate in his name the island on which he was born. This factor is proof of the expatriated person's nostalgic yearning for his homeland. Lafcadio embodies the power of Greek myth reaching across the world to the Far East. To honor him Evangelatos conceived an artwork that does not illustrate, but rather conceptually interprets his idea.

For his Tribute to Lafcadio Hearn Evangelatos used a piece of robe, which he had received as a gift from Japan and experienced with love. The fabric is black silk and embroidered on the left side with the positive calligraphic ideogram of 'kotobuki', which - despite being difficult to precisely translate - is a wish for good luck. Below he placed a white circle on which he designed the Greek letters 'gⁿ', which began to appear in his work in 1984. Symbolizing the triad of 'gaia' (earth) / 'gyni' (woman) / 'geometria' (geometry), he repeated the 'g' in the root of 'n', which in mathematics stands for a variable increasing to infinity. As main object of Euclidean geometry, the circle is the perfect shape that symbolizes the Western way of thinking. Although the circle is a primordial symbol used by different cultures for its archetypal value, it was Greek philosophy par excellence that promoted it from experience to science. In keeping with science, which claims that energy accumulates in the nucleus, Evangelatos condenses the drawing in the center and spreads it outwards.

The black silk background creates a sense of absolute vacuum (the reference visual, in which Tatsuya Koizumi presents Kotobuki, demonstrates the material's transparency). Upon such background, the ideogram is charged with eroticism as much for its particular shape as its color. The circle has on the one hand absolute and concrete structure and on the other it is colorless. Thus, with his Tribute to Lafcadio Hearn Evangelatos juxtaposes two complimentary worlds - love and reason / science and art / exoticism and familiarity - as combined in the personality and work of Lafcadio.

[Megakles Rogakos 11/2009]