NIKITAS FLESSAS Blue Figures 2009 - x +

CN: FleN2009blue

MT: egg tempera and silver leaf on board within perspex case (110x90)

TX: signed with brush at lower right of picture in Greek <Nikitas Flessas / 2009>

IL: Manos Stefanidis 2009, p.35

CT: Trigono Gallery, Kifissia - 2010

LC: ACG - Student Success Center

CM: Nikitas Flessas' Blue Figures belong to a series of works where the object is of blue color against a metallic background. This particular color is a clear reference to the series' spiritual dimension. In the present work appear from the back the heads of a human couple against a silver background. This way allows the viewer to identify with the models he sees. The gazes of the woman on the left and of the man on the right converge towards the image's central vanishing point. Although the viewer does not have direct view of the faces, the author took care to emphasize especially the eyelids, whice are richly projected in the space. Thus, he emphasizes the role of eyes as a means of the most important sense, through which man perceives the world. However, in this case, the viewer feels certain that the couple perceives the common spectacle with its eyes shut. Besides, Flessas always prefers to represent the eyes of his models shut. This solution facilitates the viewer's introspective mood. As known, man has access to both vision and intuition. The observable universe he experince s with his actual eyes , while his dreams, desires and hopes he visits with the inner eyes of the mind. The object the Blue Figures see in common is not tangible but immaterial. The religious dimension of the matter is reinforced by evidence that the author borrows from Byzantine painting - such as the egg tempera technique, the reflective background, the flat colors and the linear representation. Flessas' Blue Figures may as well be interpreted as the Adam and Eve of our time.

[Megakles Rogakos 09/2010]

STEFANIDIS, MANOS The Boundaries of Precious in Nikitas Flessas - Tensions/Magnifications 2009 Skoufa Gallery, Athens