DIMOSTHENIS GALLIS Wheels 1999 - x +

CN: GalD1999whee

MT: silver print on paper (26x40)

TX: signed digitally at lower right <Dimosthenis Gallis>, inscribed with felt pen at rear lower left in Greek <WHEELS 1999 / TO THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF GREECE, DIMOSTHENIS GALLIS 13/08/2007>

DN: Mr. Dimosthenis Gallis - 2007

LC: ACG - Attica Tradition Educational Foundation, Athens

CM: Dimosthenis Gallis' Wheels are part of a series of photographs entitled The Skete of Saint Andrew. When Gallis visited the Skete in 1999 he found an abandoned monastery kept by two monks. Wishing to make an offering in return for their hospitality, he was advised to photograph the Skete from the same viewpoints used by a guest painter, Luc-François Granier, with the prospect of exhibiting them together.

Walking around the premises, Gallis discovered an area that provided an amazing still life of wooden cart wheels and several old objects, which include a shoe-last, a shoe mould and a funnel. The picture's constituent elements where so placed that they evoked the feeling of a composition that is timeless and made-but-by-hand. The manner in which the wheels touch one another, like gears, create the feeling of an allegory of time with reference to the age of the Skete and the life of the people who lived therein. The organic position in which all the objects were found discreetly reveals the mechanics of a noble relationship, whose beauty reflects on the composition. The picture's structure complies with a couple of coordinates - the central vertical axis of the door in the background, and the horizontal surface of the table, on which the wheels stand. The soft afternoon lighting distinguishes the objects by caressing their forms. Aiming to accentuate the picture's metaphysical quality, Gallis applied the technique of 'solarization', which endows a selection of tones with metallic texture. In result the picture is unworldly with an inner light.

Dimosthenis Gallis' series of photographs, which include Wheels, were displayed together with the paintings of Luc-François Granier at the exhibition entitled 150 Years of the Skete of Saint Andrew at the French Institute of Thessaloniki in 1999.

[Megakles 08/2007]