MARGARITA GELADA Untitled 2005 [A] - x +

CN: GelM2005unti

MT: mixed media: patent fabric, pins, nails, tar and acrylic on canvas (4x160x48 / B:5x161x49 / D:10x161x49)

TX: signed with brush at right of front side of picture in Greek <M.M.Gelada>

DN: Ms. Margatita Gelada - 2008

CM: Margarita Gelada's Untitled work of 2005 is from a series launched in 2001, and in which the artist experimented with materials used by tailors - such as patterns, pins and needles. The subjects Gelada chooses are basically anthropocentric, always with reference to personal experiences.

Gelada uses patterns to render the body. Six patterns - which including sleeve, pants and gloves - compose an unspecified body and three heads, with the ability to transform. The process of composition serves a therapeutic role, referring to her personal experience of finding her grandfather lying lifeless on the floor. Notwithstanding her effort to leave the past behind and look forward to the future, Gelada’s art brings out the human anguish about death. She processed the image that was indelibly recorded by her eyes, close to the earth, on the floor. She covered the background with tar as reference to the pain that may lead to redemption. The patterns are pinned with relative laxity on the background to create a sense of fluidity, which is at the heart of the game of wear. The gloves refer to the deposition of Christ from the Cross, where hands perform a tragic role - of holding without being able to help. The emphasis on the work's flatness is deliberate and recalls funerary reliefs. Moreover, fragmentation and limitation of color - as Gelada claims - evoke a 'non topia'. At some point of the work there are traces of the word 'fragile' in English, which - despite the efforts to forget - insist as memory.

[Megakles 05/2008]