JOHN GEORGARIOU Spring 2009 - x +

CN: GeoJ2009spri

MT: L-type color print on paper mounted on aluminum (59x108)

DN: Mr. John Georgariou - 2009

CM: Already since 1978 John Georgariou was concerned with issues referring to human ethics. He believes that, owing to his greedy behaviour, modern man with will surely bring disaster. Spring is part of a series that began in 2006 on the theme of the foreseen destruction. The image presents a bird's eye view of an area inhabited purely by people. Everything else in the environment is destroyed and vanished. The destruction of nature came as a result of human mismanagement, which is a genetic behavior like a virus. Starting with his instinct for the search of food in order to survive in the world, man creates toxins that destroy the environment to such an extent that even natural water resources will soon be extinct. Spring describes a living nightmare that is not fantasy, but reality. It has already been observed that the population of bees is reduced, the extinction of which will signal the destruction of life on the entire planet!

Georgariou created Spring digitally by means of a computer. He endowed this work with a painterly quality to make it interesting as a picture. The title and the composition refer to an actual prairie with colorful flowers. But this is misleading, because the image presents no springtime scenery, but a solid crowd of people in the desert. The work seems to evoke the warm colors of spring, but in reality the spectacle is macabre. Another work in the series in cold hues refers - alas again apparently - to the virtues of winter.

[Megakles Rogakos 05/2009]