KOSTIS GEORGIOU Collector Z' 1998 - x +

CN: GeoK1998coll

MT: oil on canvas (50x50 / F:70x70x5)

TX: inscribed with felt pen at rear center <COLLECTOR Z' / '98 / KOSTIS / GEORGIOU / [in Greek] TO THE AMERICAN COLLEGE / OF GREECE / 14.10.07>

IL: Megakles Rogakos 2008, #082

DN: Mr. Kostis Georgiou - 2007

CM: Kostis Georgiou's Collector Z' (formerly known as Caput B) is part of a series of works on the subject of an art collector, who poses before his collection. The environment, within which the Collector is portrayed, is imaginary and references only the general feeling of the particular atmosphere. The background, which is the field of action, has been represented in an abstract manner, so that it preserves some vagueness. It is filled with signs and lights that serve the composition. The artist intentionally leaves open whteher the background includes one or more artworks from the collection or even if it concerns a detail from one art work alone. The depth of the field is likewise unclarified. Consequently the Collector is set in a space without limits, while the viewer's gaze cannot but be constantly suspended. The Collector's face reflects the background and is thus unified with it. Such a solution gives the opportunity for a semiological ambiguity as to the present painting's objective. Herewith Georgiou seems to suggest that the Collector and his collection are inseparable and identify absolutely with one another.

The visual challenge for Georgiou is summed up to the derivation of art from some kind of intensity or agony, and to the production of a work as an entity having good reason to come to being. The condition at issue is an inner harmony, which is owed to an aesthetic alignment of lines, forms and colors. The technique of excavating the surface is incorporated within the compositional procedure that the work itself calls for. The general feel of the work - design and color - is expressionistic. Nevertheless, Georgiou forces his palette against academic deontology, as is the case with the red neighboring the brown. In his art Georgiou is interested to found a world anew. He creates an unreal environment, which may be worshiped as much by the work's sitter as by its viewer.

[Megakles Rogakos 10/2007]

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