GHIKA India: X - Unearthly Figure Near Stupa 1959 - x +

CN: GhiH1959-010

MT: lithograph on paper (33x43) after drawing(39x46)

TX: printed at lower left <Ghika / Sept. 58>, printed lower right <X>

CM: "The sound lures a slender, unearthly figure from his hole. He glides without a sound as if made of air. Now he settles lightly on a ledge near the entrance to the great stupa. A shadow of the wall, a vision. He is young still and miraculously beautiful. A decaying mantle shrouds his head. Askew on the left side of his brow, his huge hermit's bun is tied with a yellow rag. On the right his tangled hair tubles in disorder, stiff with the filth of ages. And yet his expression has such sweetness, his smile is so sad, his eyes so ecstatic, and his beautiful bony hands move with such infinite grace. A Christ-like simplicity shines from him in all directions. And how innocently and humbly he answers questions: Yes - he came here thirteen years ago on foot from Southern India. Yes - he is a Buddhist and religion is his bent. Yes - he is a hermit and practises by opium eating. At the top of the great stupa, above the vaulting, facing the four directions, on the sides of the cube, the heavy eyes of Buddha are painted. His eyelashes are green, his eyes ending in a yellow line. His eyebrows are black, and instead of a nose, he has a question mark." [Ghika in India 1959]

HADJIKYRIACO GHIKA, NICO India 1959 Icaros, Athens [portfolio with 12 lithographs (33x43) ED:400]