ELLIE GRIVA Without Subtitle 2004 - x +

CN: GriE2004with

MT: acrylic on canvas (100x100)

TX: signed with felt pen at lower right of picture in Greek <Ellie Griva 2004>

DN: Ms. Ellie Griva - 2009

LC: ACG - Communications Building, Academic Affairs, Conference Room

CM: Ellie Griva's work Without Subtitle belongs to a small series of abstract works made with representational vocabulary. Her stimulus was the intensity of a concert whose sound passed uninvited from outside through the window and entered her private space. The picture expresses the desperation of youth, who is at the same time angry and in love with life. As the artist says: "I wanted to bite skin!" While the work's theme is love, herewith is described a rape. The 'bite' refers to what Sigmund Freud described for the erotic act - out of a need to integrate lovers end up cannibalizing one another to an incredible degree of violence. The Without Subtitle work eloquently presents not the experience, but the fantasy of love in youth, which is one of the strongest emotions in life. In its excess, the imaginary love of youth serves as vehicle for this work. The title Without Subtitle refers to the picture's 'indescribability'. Griva cites the interviews with David Sylvester, in which Francis Bacon states his main concern - that the picture must hit you before it affects your nervous system. Griva is perhaps one of the very few visual artists with the ability to express such emotional intensity.

Griva created her Without Subtitle work with a feel for freedom. The work began realistically, but was -fortunately- saved out of he r need to render it true. Viewers may just about see an abstract self-portrait - the author's body spreading from corner to corner across the entire window. There are only hints of identifiable elements. It is possible to discern a couple of different crowns and two morphological variations of eyes, but it is known from the artist that her intention was to represent one person. Although by its nature the picture makes time pause, the sense of perception is constantly changing. Nothing is certain and everything is in the making. Griva recognizes that forms, bonding and separating, balance in a delicate way on the verge of cancellation; they are nevertheless about a fragile truth that cannot really be otherwise expressed. The image violates academism out of a substantial need for immediacy. Such truth cannot ever be affected by any censorship. Griva insists: "I want to be loved by others for my wound". Griva's wound must be the tendency her creations to touch the limits of exaggeration. The colors are also extraordinary because they overcome form and represent emotions. The color does not describe , but rather serves a deep need for communication. As she says characteristically: "My Without Subtitle work is marked by the optimism of twilight - a moment of truth, when before dawn we just about perceive a picture of our real 'self'".

[Megakles Rogakos 02/2009]