FREDERICK GUTEKUNST Bust Portrait of Elena Caronis de Ros 1910 Philadelphia [R/F] - x +

CN: GutF1910caro

MT: silver print on paper mounted on card (14x10 / C:29x19)

TX: inscribed with fountain pen at lower right of margin in English <Dr Helen Caronis de Ros / 1910>, raised at lower center of margin <F. Gutekunst / PHILADELPHIA, PA.>, at rear center <F. GUTEKUNST / 1700 N. BROAD STREET / BRANCH OF 712 ARCH ST. / PHILA., PA>, inscribed with pencil below <52707>

DN: Drs. Platon & Aliki Anastasiadis - 2006

CM: This is a bust portrait of Dr. Elena Caronis de Ros. The related article attached at the rear of this photograph, illustrated with another shot by Frederick Gutekunst, reads as follows: "Grecian Woman to Be Dental Graduate § MRS. ELENA CARONIS DE ROS § She was born in Athens, but her home is in Cienfuegos, Cuba, where her husband, whom she met in this city while both were students, is a practicing physician. After getting her degree from Temple University on Saturday, she will practice dentistry at her home. § ATHENS , Greece, once the head and front of the world's learning, will next Saturday be reminded of her loss of educational leadership, when Mrs. Elena Caronis de Ros, a daughter of the city of Pericles, graduates in dentistry from Temple University. Forsaking her native land for America, she gained in the schools of Philadelphia a profession and a husband. § Elena Caronis was born in the city of classical ruins 23 years ago tomorrow. Her father was a professor in the high school of Athens. She studied there and received a teacher's diploma. Meantime she had been attending an English school three years. § When the girl was 18 years old her father decided to emigrate to the United States and establish a Greek school in Lowell, Mass. The daughter had fixed upon dentistry as her chosen profession, and her father, after looking over the field, selected the Penn Dental School, formerly at Eleventh and Clinton streets, as the institution for her to enter. § There Miss Caronis met Edward Ros, a Cuban of prominent family, whose home was in Cienfuegos. They were married on Christmas, 1906. § In June, 1907, Ros was graduated. His wife had still the last year of the dental course to complete, but she gave up her ambition to graduate and accompanied her husband to his home in Cienfuegos, where he began the practice of his profession. § Mrs. De Ros spent the next two years in Cuba, but the love of her chosen calling was strong in her heart and its promptings would not be stilled. So finally she persuaded her husband to let her return to this city to finish her dental education. She took up the work again last fall, and since then has been living with her sister, Mrs. Artemis Nestopoulos, 269 South Eleventh Street. Besides speaking Greek and English, Mrs. De Ros is mistress of French and Spanish. She declared yesterday that she is in love with her profession and intends to practice it. Her plan is to open an office for the treatment of women and children in Cienfuegos, to which she will go next week. § The commencement exercises of Temple University will be held in the Academy of Music Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The Rev. Dr. Newell Dwight Hillis, of Brooklyn, will deliver the oration. Degrees will be conferred by the vice president of the university, Elmer E. Brown. There will be 130 graduates." [Public Ledger, Philadelphia, 02/06/1910, p.3]

[Megakles Rogakos 11/2006]