ATHINA HADJIYANNAKI (Australia, Sydney b. 1959 / act: Athens)

Athina Hadjiyannaki Athina Hadjiyannaki was born on 9 February 1959 in Sydney, Australia. She was a student at the High School & Lyceum of Pierce College in Athens, Greece (1975-1979). She went on to study at the Athens School of Fine Arts - ASFA, Athens (1981-2008), painting with Yiannis Moralis (1981-1982) and Dimitris Mytaras (1989-1992), sculpture with George Lappas (2005-2008), and multimedia with Manthos Santorineos. In between she studied at the Department of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens - NTUA, Athens (1982-1988). Later she pursued postgraduate degree in art therapy at the Art & Psychotherapy Center, Athens (1996-2000). She offered art therapy to abandoned children at PIKPA Penteli, in the context of her practical experience in the graduate program of the Center for Art & Psychotherapy.

In the period 1993-2005 she taught art at various secondary schools. She collaborated with the architectural-design office of Ingrid Frankantoni (1988-1989), and supervised the internal restructuring of houses (1989-1991). Finally, it is worth noting that excerpts from her NTUA thesis entitled "Redevelopment of the Old Factory Space of Dilaveri in Piraeus and Transformation as Cultural, Trade and Exhibition Centre" were included in the book published in 1989 by the National Technical University of Athens in cooperation with the Polytechniko Milan entitled "From the Acropolis in Athens port of Piraeus".

Athina Hadjiyannaki presented the following personal exhibitions: Transubstantiation of Being, Titanium Art Gallery, Athens (1996); Object-Viewer: Action-Reaction, Stavlos Gallery, Santorini Island (1997); The Passage in "The Man Without Properties" by Robert Mousil, Stoa tou Vivliou, Athens (1998); The Passage, available for painting by the public in "Art Therapy Symposium", Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (2006); The Passage, available for painting from the public, Foundation of the Hellenic World, Athens (2006); Construction & Sound, Sarantopoulos Flour Mills, Piraeus (2007); and Video & Performance, Allou Space, Psychiko (2007). She also took part in the following group exhibitions: Aeschylia Festival: 10 +4 Young Artists, Kanellopoulos Soap Factory, Elefsina (1996); Contemporary Greek Artists, Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, Technopolis Athens (2001); Medi@terra: Video Festival, Fournos Art & Technology Center, Athens (2002); In Search of the Olympic Idea, Municipal Gallery of the City of Athens, Athens (2003); Art Puzzle, Booze Cooperativa, Athens (2005); Video Art Festival, Angels Step Athens (2006); Video Art and Performance, Allou Space, Psychiko (2007); and Interactive Exhibition of Sound, Allou Space, Psychiko (2008); Silent Dialogues: Multimedia Portraits Throughout Time, ACG Art Gallery, The American College of Greece, Athens (2008). She represented Greece in the following international exhibitions: Biennial of Young Artists, Bologna, Italy (1988); Biennial of Young Artists: Representation of ASFA, Maastricht, Netherlands (1988).

Athina Hadjiyannaki staged the following theatrical performances: Alkmini Theater, Athens (1999); Fournos Theater, Athens (2000); Factory Theater, Athens (2001); Animated Word: Performance on the Poetry of Odysseus Elytis, Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland (2002); Mobile Word, Municipal Theater, Mytilini, Lesbos Island (2002); Dance Month: Mobile Word, Katia Dandoulaki Theater, Athens (2003); Dance - Theater I-daniki of Yannis Danakos (2004); Dance Month: Matter Realities, Roes Theater, Athens (2004); Dance Month: Point Vision For Two People, Argo Theater, Athens (2005); "The Dream of the Scarecrow" of Evgenios Trivizas, Symveni Group, Mytilini, Lesbos Island (2005); Dollhouse, To Theatro tou Dromou, Mytilini, Lesbos Island (2005); Visual Art Event, Sculpture Workshop of George Lappas, ASFA Athens (2006); Diarroes Festival: Chocolate, Roes Theater, Athens (2006); Video Art Festival: The Suitcase, Angels Step Athens (2006); Performance: The Suitcase, Batis, Paleo Faliro (2006); Performance on "The Illness of Death" by Marguerite Duras, Sarantopoulos Flour Mills, Piraeus (2007); Video Art: Performance, Allou Space, Psychiko (2007); Performance for "Cascando" by Samuel Becket, Café Spira, Thissio (2007); Video Art: Performance, Allou Space, Psychiko (2007); and Internal Dialogues, Allou Space, Psychiko (2008).

Athina Hadjiyannaki currently lives and works in Athens.

[Megakles Rogakos 02/2008]