EFFIE HALIVOPOULOU (Greece, Thessaloniki b. 1959 / act: Athens)

Effie Halivopoulou Effie Halivopoulou was born on 22 April 1959 in Thessaloniki, Greece. She studied painting at Pratt Insititute, New York, with Rudolf Baranik, Phoebe Hellman and Jack Sonenberg. She graduated from Pratt Institute with a Bachelor of Arts (1985) and a Master of Fine Arts (1987). She taught at the New School for Social Research, New York (1989-1991). She was a Teacher's Assistant at Pratt Institute (1986-1987), a lecturer at numerous institutions, such as The State Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki (2007); Pratt Institute (1993); Athens College (1992); and The German School of Athens (1991). She has curated the exhibitions RoomsToLet at Action Field Kodra of Thessaloniki (2005 / 2006), Synchronia at the International Art Symposium of Crete (1992). She was the Assistant Curator at Borgenicht Gallery, New York (1988-1989). Her work is owned by private collectors in New York, Baltimore, Melbourne, Brussels, London, Tel Aviv, Athens and Thessaloniki, and by Desmos, Portalakis Collection, and Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art. Currently she teaches Studio Art at Deree College, Athens.

Effie Halivopoulou presented the following personal exhibitions: Palintropa, Desmos Gallery, Athens (1991); Palintropa II at the Old Clocktower, Rhodes (1992); Zone of Rust, Zina Athanassiadou Gallery, Thessaloniki (1994); Engrams of Oblivion, Galeria San Nicolo, Venice, organised by the Consulate of Greece in Venice for the Venice Biennial (1997); DataBase (and I Suspended), Batagianni Gallery, Athens (2002); Geolinks, Zina Athanassiadou Gallery, Thessaloniki (2002); Liquid Network, Batagianni Gallery, Athens (2005); and Liquid Network, Batagianni Gallery, Athens (2007). She has also participated in the following group exhibitions: 2nd Biennale of Mediterranean Countries, Thessaloniki (1986); Puck Building Annual, Puck Building, New York (1987); Palinixome performance at the Athens Theatre and Athens College (1990); Three Painters, Vellidio Cultural Centre of Thessaloniki (1991); Consecuencias at Goethe Institute of Madrid; Iglesia de Santiago of Bejar (1991); Made in Europe: Consecuencias, Kettle's Yard, Cambridge, England (1992); Consecuencias, Kunstamt of Kreuzberg, Berlin; San Eloy, Salamanca (1992); Degenerate Art, Via Farini Gallery, Milan (1992); Synchronia, Karl-Hofer Society of Berlin - House of Cyprus, Athens - Diaspro, Nicosia (1993); International Alumni Exhibition, Pratt Manhattan Gallery; Schafler Gallery, New York, (1994); Kelyphos / Shell: Cell at the Center for Contemporary Art of Athens (1997); Stories of Infinite Changes, the Municipal Gallery, Patras (1997); Walking through Time at the Soap Factory of Elefsina (1998); Commercial and Marine Activities of Piraeus Port, Kastella Art Center, Piraeus (1998); Ouk en to Pollo (Quality not in Quantity), Haritos Gallery, Athens (1998); Pireos Street: Metamorphosis of an Industrial Landscape, VIS Factory of Athens (1998); Symbols / Objects: Stories and Facts Untold, C.Grimaldis Gallery of Baltimore; Foundation for Hellenic Culture of New York (1999); Evoi-Evan, Old Hospital of Patras (1999); Symbols / Objects:Stories and Facts Untold II at the Foundation for Hellenic Culture of Berlin; Riverside Studios of London (2000); Society and Genomic Culture, Contemporary Arts Center, Skopje (2001); Studios I, Center for Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (2002); New Acquisitions at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki (2002); Sketching out Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, Averoff Foundation, Metsovo - MMCA, Thessaloniki - Technopolis of Athens (2002); Penelopia: The Other Journey, IMP Gallery of Washington D.C. (2003); Six Women - Six Proposals, UNESCO's 4th International Conference of Ministers of Physical Education and Sport at Asteras, Vouliagmeni (2004); The Threat, Koursoum Mosque, Batagianni Gallery, Trikala (2004); Drawings, Batagianni Gallery, Athens (2005); Bienal Internacional del Deporte en el Arte - BIDA, Seville, Spain; MMCA of Thessaloniki, Greece (2005); The Art of Artist Statement, Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center, Chicago (2005); Masculinitiy - Femininity and other Certainties, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (2006); Displaced, The Lanitis Foundation, Limassol, Cyprus (2006); Masquerade, Selini Gallery, Athens (2006); Istanbul Contemporary, Istanbul, Art Base Gallery, Brussels (2007); Biennale I, Public Screen, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (2007); Athens Contemporary Art Fair, Athensvoice, Athens (2007); and Athens Voice: Art in the First Page, Benaki Museum, Athens (2007).

Effie Halivopoulou currently lives and works in Athens.

[Megakles Rogakos 03/2007]

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