EFFIE HALIVOPOULOU Eugenic Accident 2005 [S] - x +

CN: HalE2005euge

MT: DVD (07:00)

CT: ArtBOX.gr, Thessaloniki - 2007

CM: Effie Halivopoulou's Eugenic Accident is a video commission for BIDA (Bienal Internacional del Deporte en el Arte) of 2005 on the theme of athletics. Through this artwork Halivopoulou approached the human body in relation to the medical enhancements that athletes accept in order to improve their delivery. Eugenic Accident comprises of three different yet related archives which follow one another. The first archive relates to bio-technology. Halyvopoulou was excited to learn from Dr. Maria Konstantopoulou about the molecules of adrenalin, dopamine, and testosterone, which relate with the endocrinic system and consequently condition the body's delivery. She then used the 'Chem Vis' program (used by scientist to study the relation of molecules) in order to move the molecules in space and record their movement by camera. The second archive concerns three seminal codes with indirect reference to the body: a) the code of Linear B script, which is a disused written system of communication; b) the lyrical texts which stand on their own as fragments of poetry; and c) the genetic code, which consists of the four elements G-T-A-C, where each letter represents one of the bases of DNA . The third archive is a record of the human body as seen through a young and an aged figure.

The title Eugenic Accident refers to opposite poles which coincide in relation to the body. Eugenics - as a process of identifying the best elements of the human body - is the first and greatest issue that concerns the field of bio-technology. While eugenics is after so-called 'perfection', the accident comes to nullify eugenics' project. In essence Eugenic Accident concerns the memory of body through its biological and intellectual traits. The body appears to remember in an archetypal manner its natural form as given by nature. Halivopoulou compared milestone codes from antiquity to our times with the body in order to illustrate its biological present that is based on its past, but cancelled by its future. This video unfolds within the parameters of a general problematics relating to the ways in which the human body may be influenced and transubstantiated with the help of bio-technology. Halivopoulou's Eugenic Accident is skeptical towards the bio-technology that violates the natural evolution of the human body and attempts to reconfigure its future through practices (medicine) whose outcome is uncertain.

[Megakles Rogakos 03/2007]

TRIANTAFYLLOU, SOTI Body Stories 2006 Athens Voice, Athens