EFFIE HALIVOPOULOU Liquid Network 2007 - x +

CN: HalE2007netw

MT: L-type print on paper mounted on aluminum (156x120)

CT: Art Base, Brussels - 2007

LC: Attica Tradition Educational Foundation, Athens

CM: Effie Halivopoulou's Liquid Network is an image that has been created by the PeHa0 team (George Perros & Effie Halivopoulou). It is a digital manipulation of images from paintings and video stills. In Halivopoulou's recent work the body is approached as a susceptible liquid network, which has lost its archetypal form, and has become a bio-political product - a body that is influenced by power and governments. Herewith is represented the intrusion of the body by bio-technologies - external operations - as they derive from bio-politics. The image is a pastiche of biological maps, representations of the cells of the inside of the human body taken from the electronic microscope, and visual commentaries of the biotechnological processes. At the work's center appears a face with its eyes closed, while around it move perpetually biological maps, in series of over-enlarged cells codified schematically or photographed through the electronic microscope. Thus the internal microcosm appears externally as a charged field. A game of mutation and correlation of bodily elements is at play. Hands and eyes appear in wombs like small mechanisms of intrusion in the human material. The hands interfere in human nature and play with the eyes, as means of the way in which the world is perceived. The game aims to create hybrids - changes of archetypal material that perturbs the human identity.

[Megakles Rogakos 03/2007]

TRIANTAFYLLOU, SOTI Body Stories 2006 Athens Voice, Athens