CHARLES HUSTWICK Mediterranean Legacies: Cartegena 2 2008 - x +

CN: HusC2008cart

MT: mixed media on paper (32x35 / F:36x39x4)

TX: signed with crayon at lower center in English <Hustwick '08>, inscribed with pencil at rear lower center <Mediterranean Legacies: Cartegena 2>

DN: Mr. Charles Hustwick - 2009

CM: "The inscription reads 'Cartegena 2', after the city in southern Spain. I have been working for Tate/P&O Cruises aboard their cruise liners and Cartegena was one of the ports. I found it a fascinating place, half the town seemed to be being torn down for redevelopment and the other half was being dug up to reveal its Ancient heritage, a 'Mediterranean Legacy' infact. § I want my paintings to have the look and feel of the action of time, layers of events, a sense of surface and being buried beneath, where the history of the making of the painting becomes part of the painting's content, an analogy. This work is really an abstraction rather than an abstract. I have also being applying the approach to figurative movement creating 'hieroglyphs'. § The blue gray ground of the painting is added last as a screening 'top' layer as it were, but beforehand I had worked the entire surface with marks, alterations, statements and re-statements, obliterations, and flooding with water. Finally I drew the graffiti like forms with my left hand (I am right handed). I had fresh in my mind the Chapel du Rosaire at Vence, which I had also seen recently and was impressed with the way Matisse abandoned his usual styles of drawing to achieve the drawings for the 'Stations' ceramic designs. § There are to date two Versions of Cartegena. Number 1 is still with me, and has an orange ground, its a little smaller than Number 2. There is also an etching I made a month back of the same design, maybe I should consider sending the Collection a print to go with the gouache? § The series is ongoing, infact more like just starting: so far there are three watercolour works on paper based on 'Rome' but awaiting title, similarly 'Barcelona', and a Mediterranean sketchbook. I don't know where the series is leading but I am going to be lecturing on British art aboard ships again this year affording further experiences in the Mediterranean. We dock in Zakynthos and Corfu for a day each on an eastern Mediterranean trip! Because of my family association, 'Mediterranean Legacies' might end up working with more personal material and lead me to Egypt, but that is to anticipate too much. § I like to keep the interpretation of the forms open ended by not suggesting specific references. I deliberately drew in a way as to make identification difficult or ambiguous. One example: there's a 'dalek' like form which is actually a memory graffitti-esque drawing of a modern viewing tower in Cartegena, a lift shaft and a pedestrian walkway leading into the archaeological site above a great wall." [Charles Hustwick to Megakles Rogakos 27/03/2009]

The apparently abstract composition in Charles Hustwick's Mediterranean Legacies: Cartegena 2 reveals the possibility of a harmonious relationship between geometric and organic forms. [Megakles Rogakos 27/03/2009]