SVEN-OLOF KARGSTEN Touch of Reeds 2000 Baltic Sea - x +

CN: KSvO2000reed

MT: Lambda print on paper, mounted on aluminum (40x60)

TX: signed digitally at lower right of picture in English <S-Olof Kargsten>, inscribed with felt pen at rear center right in English <S-Olof Kargsten // Touch of reads, 2000 / Sven-Olof Kargsten>

DN: Mr. Sven-Olof Kargsten - 2011

CM: Over time, Dr. Sven-Olof Kargsten's passion for photography flourished into a profound recreational hobby. In his words, "A camera has been my companion during walks and wanderings in nature in different parts of the world, particularly in Greece and Sweden. As a pensioner I had the time to choose, from thousands of pictures, some that I show to friends at Patmos Island, where I spend a great deal of time every year. All these pictures are based on old fashioned negatives from the pre-digital period without any further editing." Regarding the present photograph, Dr. Kargsten says "It is a close up of reeds on one of the thousands of small islands in the archipelago of Stockholm, Baltic Sea, where most Swedes love to hold summer houses or cottages. All this water in and around Stockholm becomes part of you.That is why to be in theAegean Sea, albeit with another beauty, is to feel at home!" Touch of Reeds was first exhibited at a personal exhibition of Dr. Kargsten in the Old Grammar School at the Hora of Patmos in 2011 and later in the ACG Art Photo Competition on Water at Deree's Main Corridor. Following these exhibitions, Dr. Kargsten generously conceded this photograph to the ACG Art Collection.

[Megakles Rogakos 12/2011]