VASSILIS KARAKATSANIS Netting 1 2003 - x +

CN: KaVa2003net1

MT: mixed media: wire, acrylic, neon (182x72x15)

CT: artAZ: Greek Artists' Database, Athens - 2007

LC: ACG - lobby of ALBA: Athens Laboratory of Business Administration, Athens

CM: The refined meditations of Vassilis Karakatsanis on the purity of form are born, after all, from an emotional perception of the eternal fragility of things that are touched, experienced, loved. The netting of a bed seem s to originate in Robert Rauschenberg's Bed to affirm, through the density of painting expression and spatial construction, the exact memory and perception of self and the others, evocative of the lines of Constantine Cavafy, "This room, how well I know it..." (from The Afternoon Sun, one of his erotic poems), in which memory precisely relates to a bed, a window, a chair... [Prof. Alessandro Tosi, Dipartimento di Storia delle Arti, Università di Pisa, Pisa, 09/2002]

The impossibility of human nature to escape its earthiness is bound to and concentrated in the installation/memento mori of Vassilis Karakatsanis. What remains of the wiry frame of an old iron mattress, forms a spectral cast, worn out through years of use. This discarded chunk of human occurrence carries the memoirs of the people who dreamed, loved, lost and passed away from it. It contains the past as negative time, a time that slowly lessens but marks for good whomever it meets on its way. The vacated space is filled with the absense of the subject that once occupied it, leaving behind its afterglow. [Faye Tzanetoulakou for Netting 1 in Light Between, 3/2004 Athens]

In 2003 Vassilis Karakatsanis created three Nettings using found metallic frames of beds intervening with the addition of neon bulbs. Netting 1 is penetrated vertically by a lamp of bold red color that expresses a feeling of tenderness and optimism. The lamp on Netting 2 (Municipal Gallery of Xanthi Prefecture) is of deep blue color that, by contrast to the first work, expresses a sense of cruelty and pessimism. Netting 3 (also Municipal Gallery of Xanthi Prefecture) is traversed at the upper part by a spiral lamp, following the design of the net, of red color, while in its lower part a mirror reflects the eventual viewer, thereby encorporating him in the work, thus allowing him to interpret it as he sees fit. The three Nettings are independent works, but are governed by the same thought as a common denominator. The netting concerns the infrastructure of a bed, where man is born, makes love, sleeps and ends up his life. Hence, the bed is where man spends much of his lifetime. Therefore, the Netting reserves for man tenderness with feelings of love, care and concern, yet at the same time horror for the experience of illness and death. [Megakles Rogakos 17/11/2007]