JOE KAGLE (USA, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh b. 1932 / act: Utah)

Joe KagleJoe Kagle was born on 2 May 1932 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, attended Dartmouth College, has had numerous grants to study art around the world (including a Fulbright Scholarship to China), has shown in over 400 national and international exhibitions, headed five university art departments and four public museums. In 1987, Kagle came to Texas from the Boston area as Director of The Art Center of Waco and began working with printed, electronic and found images from television, commercials, national magazines, and other contemporary sources. These images went through a kind of metamorphosis, moving from collage to laser printed images. Since 1995, these images are then painted, laser printed and again collaged, only to be painted and laser printed again. It is what Kagle calls "vertical time and space", images freed from linear time or story or gravity. In 1996, Kagle showed these images in Europe at the Archa Gallery in Prague and the National Land Museum in Brno, Czech Republic. These works of art then traveled to nine colleges and museums in Central Texas under the title of "Pixel Images". In early 1998, the collages are undergoing another transformation by being covered almost completely with paint and then, again, laser printed. Also, Kagle showed these new works in a group exhibition in mid-1997 at a Texas museum.

Since 1986, Kagle has written "Opinion articles" for the Waco Tribune-Herald. With these writings, he reaches over 96,000 readers each month (two articles per month to 48,000 readers). With these short essays, he is concerned with story and idea. With his visual works, he is creating a non-linear series of images from our world. Since 1995, Kagle has created over 1500 collages and 400 paintings with collage, ranging considerably in size, and approximately 70 opinion articles for the Waco newspaper.

Joseph L. Kagle, Jr. started art school at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh at the age of 8 before going on with his studies at Dartmouth College, 1951-55, A.B. and the University of Colorado, 1955-58, M.F.A. Since then, he has had over 400 national and international exhibitions. He is listed in Who's Who in America and Who's Who in American Art. In 1969, he studied Chinese painting and art history in Taiwan under a Fulbright grant and is a Fulbright Scholar to the Republic of Georgia in 2001-2002. He has directed five university art departments and five museums over the last 43 years. He was selected as a Kellogg Fellow at the Smithsonian Institute in 1983 and 1984 to research museum practices for small museums. Also in his long career, he has been a disc jockey and directed over 50 television shows, 1965-1995. While at the University of Guam, he completed over a dozen large architectural sculptural and painted works of art (the largest being the 40' x 60' mosaic wall for UOG Student Center). Since returning to the States in 1976, he has concentrated on smaller works in watercolor and acrylic. His subject matter is "system thinking" rather than object depiction. His motto for his work and life is: "Let the beauty we love be what we do."

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