EVRYDIKI KALLIMACHOU Place - Self 2008 - x +

CN: KalE2008self

MT: acrylic and pencil on canvas (80x110)

TX: signed by brush at lower right in Greek <E. Kallimachou 2008>

CT: Astrolavos Art Galleries, Athens & Piraeus - 2009

LC: ACG - Communications Building, Academic Affairs

CM: The art of Evrydiki Kallimachou derives its creative expression in an attempt to investigate he r identity. Kallimachou originates from the Turkish-occupied Kyrenia of Cyprus - a native place that became foreign. Growing up she became aware of the gap in her identity. When she decided to become a visual artist, she used painting as a means to fill this gap. Her pictures use as their starting point this personal experience. For Kallimachou, painting expresses the inner need to see beyond the demarcation line, towards the psychological and emotional side of the abyss. "The line that divides Cyprus passes from within me... I lived and built my self upon a vacuum... I feel that my identity has a serious shortcoming exactly because my place of origin is unknown to me... My need to access the occupied sites became a part of me... it became the breaking of boundaries, the opening, the open horizon... Painting is my way to gain experience of the unknown place... to impose myself in the vacuum and to create a 'place - self'".

Kallimachou's series of works entitled Self - Place was created between 2006 and 2008. In these works the Kallimachou subconsciously separates the image into three horizontal stripes - the occupied Cyprus in which she originates; the neutral zone of transition; and the free part of Cyprus where she grew up. The lower zone represents the personal starting point. It begins from the virtual point of memories to the beyond. This is why this region is volatile and has many meanings. It could be the bottom of the abyss from which space and time emanates. Some perceive this area as a veil, as nebula or dawn, as a misty landscape, a mirage of land or sea. The middle zone expresses the sense of vacuum. This area alludes to life - that man has actually no origin, but belongs to the universe. The upper area is the geographical horizon of the sky. "When I paint I always represent my desire to find an opening on the horizon, of which I am deprived". The present work is one of the most abstract in the series. The three bands appear very discreetly and the image has been simplified. The lines of the borders have been softened. The palette is chromatically low. Intensity is replaced by calm. With this the artwork the artist seems to have settled in finding that the 'place' is the very 'self' of every human being. It is worth noting that Kallimachou does not use brush. She pours diluted paint on the canvas and lets it spill. She uses the weight of the color. She has control over it, but does not know the outcome. The way paint drips creates the impression that roots leave in the soil. Eventually the innocent and pure color of Kallimachou's painting creates the 'other' roots of imagination, which set the self free.

[Megakles Rogakos 07/2009]