ANTONIS KANAS ACG Presiden (1928-1940)t Miss Minnie B. Mills ca. 1940 - x +

CN: KanA1940mill

MT: oil on canvas, glazed within original wooden frame (60x50 / F:74x64x6)

TX: signed with brush on lower right in Greek <A.Kanas>

CT: The American College of Greece, Athens - 1967

CM: Miss Minnie B. Mills was born in County Armagh of Northern Ireland in 1863, and married Joseph Mills in 1892. She was an American Collegiate Institute - ACI faculty member since the Smyrna years, and as such oversaw the College during two great periods - the Catastrophe of Asia Minor and the 1 st World War. She was an unimpeachable person and considered a "saint" by her students. Following the Great Fire of Smyrna of 1922 and the flight of its refugees, the school resettled in Athens, Greece. Right from the beginning, Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos (1864-1936) expressed his interest, and, when approached by School representatives Dr. James L. Barton and William Peet during a recess at the Convention of Lausanne, he quickly authorized an official decree for its establishment and operation in Greece. Within just one year, the school resumed operation in Old Phaleron as The American Junior College for Girls, headed by Miss Minnie Mills. The College's Archive keeps a letter dated 18 October 1929 written by Venizelos, as Prime Minister of Greece, endorsing and supporting the construction of the American College of Girls in Hellenikon, Athens.

[Megakles Rogakos 01/2005]