VICTORIA KARVOUNI 2 2005 [S] - x +

CN: KarV2005---2

MT: DVD (08:35)

PH: Loukia Dragatsi

DN: Ms. Victoria Karvouni - 2006

CM: Victoria Karvouni's video entitled 2 is essentially a game of improvisation. The first impression is that the faces appearing in the picture are the same person doubled. As a matter of fact the viewer sees two faces - that of the artist and her sister, who are homozygote twins born with a difference of a quarter, here at the age of 25. The video enacts a game on the pun of "we are at once two and one". The video is black and white in order to simplify the picture. Moreover, convinced that sound was unnecessary, the artist preferred to produce the video mute excepting two scenes of laughter. There are several close and open shots. In close-ups faces appear as reflections of one another , while in open shots the viewer can make the differences between the twins. As part of the game, the faces perform a wide range grimaces ranging from serious to funny, and gestures from slaping to caresses. The choreography of faces was done spontaneously without preconceived instructions. The composition of faces is at times appositive and at other times oppositional. Sometimes one begins to do something which the other continues or copies. There is no actual starting or finishing point, but at its very end 2 presents the faces' inevitable separation.

[Megakles 04/2006]