STAVROULA KAZIALE Casing with Plummets 2005 <ASPECT & DETAILS> - x +

CN: KazS2005case

MT: gute and sisal (333x100x10)

DN: E31 Gallery, Athens - 2007

CM: The Casing with Plummets of Stavroula Kaziale composes an imaginary nest. The form of the casing eclectically combines the biomorphic shape of various nests, mainly of birds, as found in nature. In terms of materials Kaziale is particularly attracted by the idea of knitting. The clear distinction on the surface of the net has to do with technique; loose knitting with a large needle for the upper part and tight knitting with a small needle for the main part of the nest.

The Casing with Plummets offers a rare opportunity to appreciate the art of Kaziale, displaying clearly the process of production, which Kaziale claims to be the most important aspect of her work. The plummets mentioned in the title are balls of gute, which is the material used to make the casing. Kaziale delighted in bringing together the artwork and its source. Based on the aesthetic of asymmetrical arrangement, Kaziale used six balls of gute, placing four on left side of the casing and two on its right.

The nest composed by the Casing with Plummets is not ordinary, but rather references those people who seek to find warmth and protection in life. In the increasingly difficult times humanity goes through, such as our times, the Casing with Plummets offers its welcoming embrace to the dreams, aspirations and hopes of fellow beings.

[Megakles 04/2007]