COSTAS KILAIDONIS Self-Portrait ca. 1962 - x +

CN: KilC1962self

MT: gouache on card (25x25 / F:52x52x2)

TX: signed with brush at lower left of picture in Greek <Kostas Kilaidonis>, inscribed with marker at rear center by Dr. Aliki Anastasiadis <Selfportrait (1962-65) / by Kostas Kilaidonis / presented to his nephew / Phaedon Anastasiadis in 1987>

DN: Drs. Platon & Aliki Anastasiadis - 2009

CM: In 1965 the press had written: "As memories appear the works in Costas Kilaidonis first exhibition at Nees Morfes Gallery. The new artist represents things, situations and most of all impressions and memories of works he saw, of elements that impressed him through aesthetic experiments." Such eclecticism of memory seems to distil the present Self-Portrait of Kilaidonis with references to the design of Henri Matisse, the imagination of Juan Miro and the liberalism of Niki de Saint Falle. In another case, the press had noted: "Kilaidonis succeeded, in particular paintings, to transform elements of folk tradition into modern forms of expression." Here Kilaidonis perhaps influenced by figures of shadow theater, where features are simplified for the sake of a more direct communication. In this instance, however, only seemingly does Kilaidonis satirize his looks. A gainst a dark background, which clearly indicates darkness, he brings forth with light the eyes and the area around them. In 1962, that he is estimated to have created this portrait, Kilaidonis had just returned from his studies in Paris. As a self-portrait the face displays moles which are true to life. The mustache however was not typical of his appearance, but serves as a prop of his fancy. This work's most important feature is the role of color, with which Kilaidonis plays unreservedly.

[Megakles Rogakos 02/2009]