ARETI KLOUTSINIOTI White Knights 2009 - x +

CN: KloA2009knig

MT: mixed media: acrylic, graphite and collage on paper (30x40 / F:43x53x4)

TX: signed by brush at lower center of picture in English <Areti Kloutsinioti>, inscribed at rear center <To The American College of Greece with honor / Areti Kloutsinioti / 14-12-2009>

CT: Art Zone 42, Athens - 2009

LC: ACG - Presidential Residence

CM: Areti Kloutsinioti's White Knights is part of the great series entitled Conquerors, which she launched in 2008 and continues today. Inspired by the foreseen environmental disaster, she wanted her work to serve as messenger. The animal kingdom, on which the human race thinks it presides, is wonderful. In keeping with Kloutsinioti's reasoning, the 'conquerors' in our time should be not man but animals and insects. With her Conquerors Kloutsinioti gives the animal kingdom the position in nature it deserves. She calls them 'Conquerors' because that is the way she would them to be.

The ants, which as arthropods give people a shiver, rendered by the hands of Kloutsinioti appear to cause pleasure. Her approach departs from the conventional human perception of ants as biological organisms and distinguishes them as heroes in a fairy tale. She took a great black ant as model and beautified it, transforming it into a White Knight. Thereafter, she multiplied it and - as an army - made them fight for their lives and the environment. Moving together as a group within the environment, her Knights appear to be originate in a distinguished Order.

All the White Knights are oriented towards the composition's golden section, off center. Kloutsinioti takes motifs from the animal kingdom and uses them artistically, wishing to endow them with a hitherto unseen beauty. As a matter of fact, representing them in all their glory in nature, she created a delirium of colors and shapes. Kloutsinioti aims to create 'sugary' conditions with brushstrokes and sprinkles of color beyond nature. Be that as it may, she is interested in the truth of the matter, because the topic of environmental anxiety is anyway emotional. Of course, the outcome of the battle of the White Knights is intentionally unknown for Kloutsinioti, especially as she believes that such ignorance inspires her to further her study.

[Megakles Rogakos 12/2009]