CORINA KNITHAKI Faces I & II 2004 - x +

CN: KniC2004face

MT: oil pastels on paper 2(40x30)

TX: inscribed with ballpoint pen at rear in Greek <To The American College of Greece / "Face [1] [2]" / 10/2004 / Corina Knithaki>, at lower right <oil pastels / on paper>

DN: Mr. Antonis Bibas - 2006

LC: ACG - Communications Building, Academic Affairs

CM: The Faces I & II of Corina Knithaki are part of a great series of portraits made of oil pastels in the period 2004-2005. This series was a follow-up from another series of self-portraits in charcoal. With the sudden and unexpected death of her father in 2004, Knithaki felt a psychological breakdown, which had a direct influence on her art. The works of this period demonstrate her effort to come to terms with the loss of an irreplaceable person. In response she created a long series of imaginary Faces from an indistinct archetype in her mind. These Faces shared a similar color gamut, yet differed considerably in terms of composition and execution, depending on the feelings that every time she wished to bring out. All the Faces complemented one another and were executed at once as members of the same family. She aimed by these works to move as much herself as the most impassive viewer - to see and to stir. She wanted these Faces to convey to the viewer the feelings of pain and disorientation that she felt in this dark period in her life.

In Face I prevail the cold colors, which express a detached psychology. The Face expresses a doubt for reality. It displays a passivity and - as manifested by the outline of his head - it is lit from all around. His gaze is surrendered and mortified.

In Face II prevail the warm colors with a nearly electrical intensity, which express an energetic psychology. Here and there the Face dazzles with light as if sparks light it from within. The gaze is vacant as if looking at infinity, yet it seems to be characterized by some kind of certainty and dynamism.

[Megakles Rogakos 12/2006]