DIMITRIS KOUKOS Composition 2006 - x +

CN: KoDi2006comp

MT: acrylic on canvas (109x103)

DN: Ms. Vassiliki Koukou - 2007

LC: ACG - Deree College, Office of Student Government

CM: Dimitris Koukos' Composition belongs to a series of paintings from the period 2005-2006, in which nature is simplified to an archetypal degree without depending on observation. Since Koukos developed an interest in art he made works employing his instinct and feel. He never created cerebrally because this would be far from his original intention. For the artist: "to describe things is like placing a signature on your work". Koukos cherishes to scent external factors and to weigh things via instinct. He believes that "the feeling is always the truth".

The working space of Koukos is the exterior, under the natural light. Out there he experiences the light and the freedom. He considers observation to be important to the degree that it helps build the composition. He discovers things by looking, and then he indulges in composing colors through all he sees. He is influenced by the direct visual field around him, which may be details on the floor or a trash bin. He says: "I have learned the way to discover some things and to combine them with others". Koukos is experienced in 'bringing out' conditions that are recorded within him. He sees reality around and he transubstantiates it into his own reality.

Aiming to bring forth such Composition, Koukos let himself free. He virtually rushed onto the work to offer whatever best he had within himself, without any affection or a drive to make correlations. He claims: "The artist must marry art and develop a sacred relationship with his work. Only by daring does one achieve!" The work of art becomes an arena in which the artist battles internally the status quo. The artist's target is to find the values that are hidden within him but are dormant. He must wish from his own standpoint to discover his own identity; what and how much can he achieve. § The present painting eloquently reveals Koukos' aversion to mannerism; the preservation of a particular artistic style. In this case the forms are indistinguishable from one another. One of this Composition's excellent traits is the balance of colorful harmonies.Polychromy is especially attractive to Koukos as evidence of freedom. The Composition's only definitions are the scattered black stains, which barely give the impression of some structure. This Composition may suggest a form of the soul, like the intention to register immaterial things, an unworldly feel. In art the issue is how a work may stand and if it will rise to our innermost needs. This Composition suggests an indeterminable quality that relates with the environment latently, while springing from the very cells of the human condition.

[Megakles Rogakos 05/2007]