ASTRID KOKKA Wesentliche Vernetzung (Essential Network) 1992-1997 - x +

CN: KokA1992wese

MT: silkscreen prints on handmade paper 5x(50x50)

ED: 25

DN: Ms. Astrid Kokka - 2009

CM: Astrid Kokka's Wesentliche Vernetzung (Essential Network) is a series of silkscreens printed in the period 1992-1997. According to the artist "the title defines optical connections, which challenge one's visual images or imaginations on spontaneous possibilities of introspection". Kokka appreciates the mosaic composition that may change from day to day, thus yielding new dimensions to the work. One can reconstruct the work in space, and perceive it as he pleases. This present work consists of five square pictures with black and white shapes, which can be displayed in various way as a group. The square shape allows encourages the plurality of a diverse composition. Thus the work acquires a plurality, which enables the viewer to discover relationships between a physical and spiritual dimension, movements that transform into fantastic forms, shapes and bodies. These black-and-white shapes have a dual status. You can see the black on a white background or white on black. Metaphorically, this is a picture of the world. One is conceivable only in relation to the other. Experience brought Kokka to an aesthetic level of freedom outside the boundaries of reason. "I wish to take what is out and bring it back to the boundaries. I wish to activate the viewer. It is not enough for a viewer to experience with a passive gaze. I wish to trigger varyious viewing potentials of my work so that the viewer may be inspired by them." The Essential Network has a long history. It includes everything. The perception of its composition depends on the dimension of the gaze and the degree of interiority of the experience and imagination of the viewer.

[Megakles Rogakos 01/2009]