ALEXANDRA KOLLAROS (Greece, Athens b. 1971 / act: Athens)

Alexandra Kollaros Alexandra Kollaros was born on 15 January 1971 in Athens, Greece. She studied art and design at the City and Guilds of London Art School, illustration at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and fashion and textile design at Artemode Scuola in Florence. In 1994 she founded AKD design studio in Athens, dealing with all aspects of contemporary art and design. Since 1998 she is active in the field of event planning and curating. In 2001 she founded 'Girl Power' (, the art/charity campaign operating in association with the Hellenic Cancer Society , under the auspices of the Municipality of Athens, focused on aiding the battle against breast cancer. She is also founder of 'artAZ' (, the on line Greek artists' database/art space aiming to promote Greek art in Greece and abroad. She has worked with many publications as a contributing art/design editor. Her work has featured in magazines, newspapers, TV programs, movies and theatrical plays and can be found in galleries, exhibition spaces and shops in Greece and abroad.

Alexandra Kollaros has presented the following personal exhibitions: Screen Magic, International Exhibition of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki (1996), U Smartie, HoHa Applied Arts, Athens (1998); and Smarties Coffee Tables, Elements Gallery, Athens (2000). She has also participated in the following group exhibitions: Blow Hard and Enjoy, Monohoro Gallery, Athens ( 1998); Weavings, HoHa Applied Arts, Athens (1999); Love, Deste Foundation, Athens (1999); A Lemon as Pretext, HoHa Applied Arts, Athens (1999); Pret-Art-Porter, Deste Foundation, Athens (1999); Change of Scale, HoHa Applied Arts, Athens (2000);Red, HoHa Applied Arts, Athens (2000), Exhibition of the Association of Graduates of Moraitis School - SASM, Benetatos Cultural Center, Athens (2000); Elements, Elements Gallery, Athens (2000); T-shirt Mania, Deste Foundation, Athens (2000); Summer Art, La Taste / Elements, Mykonos Island (2000); Newspapers, Efimerides Gallery, Mykonos Island (2000); Christmas Bazaar, Elements, Athens (2000); Successful Living, Zoumboulakis Gallery, Athens (2001); T-shirt Mania, Deste Foundation, Athens (2001); Girl Power, Technopolis, Athens ( 2002); Cheap Art, Mylos, Thessaloniki (2002); SPF 0, Andronikos Village Hotel, Mykonos Island (2002);Girl Power North, Art Forum Gallery, Vilka, Thessaloniki (2002), Xmas Art Bazaar, Terracota Gallery, Thessaloniki (2002); Cheap Art, Cheap Art, Athens (2002); TheArtTrick, Epi Kolono, Athens (2003); Girl Power 2, Art Center of The Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Athens (2003); Blue Room, Attalos Hall, Athens (2004); Girl Power, Technopolis, Athens (2004); Ti Penso, Milan, Italy (2004); Xmas, Tint Gallery, Thessaloniki (2004); The Opening, Spilioti Projects, Athens (2005); Summer Lovers, Spilioti Projects, Athens (2005); Men 4 Girl Power, Bacaro, Athens (2005); Xmas, Tint Gallery, Thessaloniki (2005); Erotica, Spilioti Projects, Athens (2006); Souvenir from Greece, Spilioti Projects, Athens (2006); Xmas, Tint Gallery, Thessaloniki (2006); The Age of Innocence, Spilioti Projects, Athens (2006); Erotica Part2, Spilioti Projects, Athens (2007); 7ply Project, Technopolis, Athens (2007); b'n'alle, Spilioti Projects, Athens (2007); Where Is The Art?, 1st Athens Biennial: Destroy Athens, Athens (2007); the artAZ sessions/01, Mommy Art, Mommy, Athens (2007); and the artAZ sessions/02, Mommy Art, Mommy, Athens (2007).

Alexandra Kollaros currently lives and works in Greece.

[Megakles 01/2007]