ALEXANDRA KOLLAROS The Ideal Man 2007 - x +

CN: KolA2007idea

MT: digital print on paper, framed in perspex (200x70)

CT: artAZ: Greek Artists' Database, Athens - 2007

CM: Alexandra Kollaros' The Ideal Man is inspired by personal experiences. As reality happens to be at the same time comical and tragical, this artwork - by the same token - combines jocularity with bitterness.

The Ideal Man is a comment on the issue of relations, as they are manifest in modern society. Kollaros approaches the issue with a humorous mood, a strong ironic feel, but also affection. The work has clear autobiographical references, but at the same time addresses the entire public, by touches both men and women alike - as both genders recognize through it aspects with which they may strongly correlate (the artist notes the fanatical reactions this work has caused, especially to women!).

By reading carefully the prerequisites of The Ideal Man the viewer may appreciate the main weight of the discourse on relationships but also reflect on the work's utopic quality. The work highlights the gap between the two genders and the impossibility of ever establishing communication between them, regarding each gender's expectations and the way these are expressed. Of course it goes without saying that the whole of the written text contains exaggeration in their description.

The Ideal Man is life-size, to enhance the element of realism. The print's quality is selected to be pixelly , so as to emphasize the cruelty that is - not necessarily deliberately - enshrined in modern relationships.

[Megakles 01/2007]